Video: F10 BMW M5 vs E60 M5 on a straight line

Videos | May 2nd, 2012 by 13
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M5board’s members take the new F10 BMW M5 to an airbase where they pit the super sporty M5 against the previous generation E60 M5. Without …

M5board’s members take the new F10 BMW M5 to an airbase where they pit the super sporty M5 against the previous generation E60 M5.

Without using any sophisticated equipment to record the times, the two drivers reveal something we expected: on a straight line, the new F10 M5 is significantly faster than the E60.

The F10 M5 is powered by a high-revving 4.4-liter (4395cc) turbocharged that uses the BMW M TwinPower Turbo technology. The engine outputs 560 horsepower from 5,750-7,000 rpm and 680Nm (502 lb-ft) of torque from only 1500rpm. It comes in both manual and 7-speed DCT transmission.

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The E60 M5, introduced in 2005, was powered by a V10 naturally-aspirated petrol engine. The 4,999 cc V10 S85 engine was redlining at 8250 rpm, and developing a peak output of 500 horsepower and 520 Nm (380 lb-ft) of torque. The BMW M5, along with the E63/64 BMW M6, were designed to use the new Getrag SMG III single-clutch seven speed semi-automatic transmission.

13 responses to “Video: F10 BMW M5 vs E60 M5 on a straight line”

  1. Manny Antunes says:

    It’s a blood bath!

  2. La Ma says:

    that is what 50HP and boatload of torque advantages does for you :-( 
    plus the E60 is butt-ugly to look at so the new one is a clear winner.
    I still love the sound of the V10 though, much better then the V8 TT

    time will tell which one is better for now the F10 is faster.

    • auaq says:

      I wouldn’t go that extreme to say that E60 is an ugly car. It’s just that it has its own unique style and appearance which stands out against other generation of the 5 series.

    • E24 says:

       If you think E60 is an ugly car you’re on the wrong site, E60 looks great.

      • La Ma says:

         E65 E60 etc. has been a black sheep of the BMW family. if you think the E60 looks great then you are on the wrong board. The bungle-cars are the worst looking bmw’s ever.

        • wazon8 says:

          “The bungle-cars are the worst looking bmw’s ever”. It’s really funny to hear about e92 that it’s one of the worst looking BMW’s ever. Most of people (including me) take e92 to be one of the best looking BMW – at least up to the time F10 and F80 have appeared.Personally, I like e60 a lot (especially in M-optic package) and believe it’s gonna be a future classic due to its outstanding look which is still very fresh (at least to me) and loses this freshness hardly.

          • Kstan says:

            I completely agree. E60 with M package, or better yet the M5 look amazing. In so to say 15 years, my opinion will still be the same. A fresh look, with its very own uniqueness to it. Very well stated my friend.

  3. Viper says:

    when you think about it….the F10 claims 560hp ,however it doesnt have 560hp.
    E60 Im not so sure about 5 0 7 hp because when you watch the clips on youtube the M6 same engine did reach 330kmh where is the F10 or the new M6 claimed a little above 310kmh , so whats going on here? , it is clearly faster on the acceleration , how come the top speed is not higher?

    • auaq says:

       I too was wondering about the top speed where the predecessor is capable of reaching of almost 330+ kmh while the successor has so far reached just beyond 310+ kmh. However, I just love the torque of that engine when you think about it that M-engines in the past never truly had a lot of torque just high end power.

    • La Ma says:

       turbo engines makes a lot of torque at lower rpm range. torque is what makes a car accelerate faster. so it does better in the acceleration but as the turbo reaches the maximum velocity, its air pushing advantage against a normally aspirated car disappears.
      after a certain point, its just a drag to spin the turbo with a lower compression engine and smaller size.
      So the F10’s top speed is a tad slower in general, but gearing also makes a play here, BMW might have dropped a shorter final gear to boost acceleration and a long 7th gear to help reduce the rpm at higher speed thus save fuel.

      but in real life the biggest issue is drag. Its not linear, so if you need 500HP to reach 300km/h means 1000HP will not give you 600km/h.
      Drag is the biggest enemy at that speed. But its all superficial as there is no place to run more then 250-280km/h anyway, not even on the racetrack.

      • Viper says:

        ok….you said torque makes the car go faster…
        I think it makes you feel you are going faster not necessarily Faster , a normal petrol engine 2.0l vs 2.0TDI is a perfect example , from 0 to 100 petrol is a bit faster where in the TDI (diesel for instance a passat 2.0tdi) you have a feel that you are flying and going A LOT faster , but you aren’t!..where in the overtakes a tdi is a brutal power and requires no down shifts where in petrol you have to do it in order to get that ‘feel’ of power acceleration , the petrol na engines develop linear power untill 5500rpms (not in all cases) , where in the diesel you have all the power in the wrold between 2000 and 3000rpm (mostly) and their top speed is lower and they are very fuel efficient around 3 and in some cases 4liters less than petrol.
        so really the Torque doesnt make you go faster ,it is just more fun, it pulls better at certain point , that is from my experiences.

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