Video: BMW shows hands-free driving on Autobahn

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Last August we went for an interesting drive around Laguna Seca in BMW’s Track Trainer, a modified 3 Series built on the standard production of …

Last August we went for an interesting drive around Laguna Seca in BMW’s Track Trainer, a modified 3 Series built on the standard production of the 330i model. The car uses a built-in GPS, a signal booster and accompanying repeater (increasing bandwidth and accuracy down to the centimeter), a custom map of the track and a trained driver to showcase the perfect racing line.

In the next iteration of the autonomous technology, a BMW 5 Series was used to showcase the improvements. The ConnectedDrive Connect (CDC) system allows the driver to keep hands off the wheel of the 5 Series while speeding down on the Autobahn.

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“The car adheres to all traffic laws,” says the narrator in the video. With the CDC system, the car can brake, accelerate and pass other vehicles while analyzing the traffic conditions. This BMW system uses radar, cameras, laser scanners, and ultrasound distance sensors to get the information it needs.

BMW says that the CDC system can also steer the car to pass a slower vehicle by searching an open lane where it can safely merge.

“Our main challenge was to develop algorithms that can handle entirely new situations. In principle, the system works on all freeways that we have mapped out beforehand with [a] centimeter accuracy,” said Nico Kaempchen, project manager of Highly Automated Driving. at BMW Group Research and Technology.

In the first electric vehicle, the i3, BMW will offer a “traffic-jam” feature that allows the car to speed up, slow down, and steer on its own at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour, as long as the driver leaves a hand on the wheel.

[Source: Physorg ]

10 responses to “Video: BMW shows hands-free driving on Autobahn”

  1. LaMa says:

    yeah, its great… NOT.   why do we want this ?   what will those morons do (who will use this) when the system fails just like everything fails that’s electronic ?  ops, I need to reset the system and download a new update, sorry guys….
    last thing I want is a computer to drive for me.  On those times when I finally get into the car and out of the office/house I want to enjoy the driving.
    The rest of the morons who hate driving should get on the bus/metro/train/whatever and leave the road for people who enjoy driving.
    I have a great time driving through the smokey mountains and yes, even driving on I-26 and I-95 can have enjoyable moments.  I enjoy driving and love driving, no computer for me.

    • Ahmed says:

      I’nm all for technological advancements and I don’t fear change, perhaps you should stop calling people morons. The option is there for you to turn this feature off, but the feature will come in handy if touch wood, you were to faint and the car senses no movement and steers for you. Granted the speeds of up to 25mph restrict this, but in an emergency this technology would be a welcome addition if one were to suffer fatigue or a sudden heart attack. How’s that cave doing by the way?

      • LaMa says:

        haven’t heard about an accident that happened in your worst case scenario.
        if we get ready to have a heart attack then we are really screwed.

        a cave you ask ?  I think you need one to lock yourself in case a roof falls on your head and you might not wearing your helmet.

        your motto must be : protect us from our-selfs :-) 

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