BMW track trainer

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Video: BMW shows hands-free driving on Autobahn

Last August we went for an interesting drive around Laguna Seca in BMW’s Track Trainer, a modified 3 Series built on the standard production of the 330i model. The car uses a built-in GPS, a…

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Video: A lap in BMW’s self-driving 3 Series

A few selected journalists were invited at Laguna Seca for a session aboard the M lineup available in the United States. The attraction of the day was not the 1 Series M Coupe as one…

bmw track trainer

Video: BMW Track Trainer at Laguna Seca

DrivesTV brings us a new video of the BMW autonomous Track Trainer 330i doing some laps at Laguna Seca. The BMW Track Trainer is designed specifically to help drivers develop advanced track driving skills by…