BMW 330i autonomous car

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See BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe Self-Driving Car

The Verge goes to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to experience a BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe self-driving car. BMW has created a new kind of research prototype for highly automated driving which…

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Video: BMW shows hands-free driving on Autobahn

Last August we went for an interesting drive around Laguna Seca in BMW’s Track Trainer, a modified 3 Series built on the standard production of the 330i model. The car uses a built-in GPS, a…

BMW: Automated Highway Driving

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Video: A lap in BMW’s self-driving 3 Series

A few selected journalists were invited at Laguna Seca for a session aboard the M lineup available in the United States. The attraction of the day was not the 1 Series M Coupe as one…