BMW launches “Don’t Text and Drive” campaign

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BMW of North America today announced a national campaign comprised of television, print, online and radio advertising and a strong in-dealership message, all timed for …

BMW of North America today announced a national campaign comprised of television, print, online and radio advertising and a strong in-dealership message, all timed for the summer season and designed to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. The campaign, themed “DON’T TXT & DRIVE – When the Engine Starts the Texting Stops,” begins in early June and runs throughout the year.

“Distracted driving is an epidemic in America, and it has deadly consequences for thousands of people on our roads each year,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “Putting a stop to these needless deaths, as well as hundreds of thousands of injuries, will require everyone to take personal responsibility for safe driving. I am grateful to BMW for their efforts to raise public awareness about distracted driving and for urging drivers to put down their phones and focus on the road. I hope that other automakers will follow their lead.”

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Television creative illustrates the contradiction between being an overprotective parent and the carelessness of texting while driving. The spot juxtaposes imagery of an overly cautious father bathing his son with the added protection of water wings and goggles, and a mother obsessively putting hand sanitizer on her child’s hands; with the final scene pointing out how all of that can be undone in a second as a mother picks up her phone when a text message is received while her child is strapped into a car seat behind her. It closes with a scene of another car racing toward them before the mother looks up and realizes what is about to happen. The screen cuts to black and displays the tagline, “Your Family’s Safety is in Your Hands. When the Engine Starts, The Texting Stops.”

“Distracted driving of any kind, especially texting while driving, is an extremely dangerous activity that costs thousands of lives every year,” said Jim O’Donnell, CEO, BMW of North America. “We developed this campaign to be impactful in hopes of evoking emotion and conveying the serious dangers of distracted driving and its potential consequences.”

Variations of print advertisements feature views of the road from distracted drivers’ perspective. In one, a texting driver’s view of a young child running onto the street is obstructed by their smartphone. The only evidence of the child’s presence is the outline of his shape and the ball he is chasing appearing on the phone as if the phone wasn’t hiding him from view. Others obscure a deer in the road and truck turning in from a side street, suggesting the preoccupied driver is about to crash.

In online advertisements, the words “TEXT MESSAGING IS VERY DISTRACTING” appear in bold, block letters across the homepage of websites making it difficult to read and demonstrating how texting while driving interferes with a driver’s field of vision.

At the BMW Performance Center in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the company’s Teen Driving School has trained more than 3,000 young drivers over the last 10 years to help them safely and properly handle their vehicles. The program continues this year.

The DON’T TXT & DRIVE message will be incorporated in more than 100 teen driving schools conducted across the United States this year by the BMW Car Club of America Foundation.

BMW dealerships will feature printed materials, hangtags and static cling decals for display in vehicles and showrooms throughout the summer.

In December of 2010, as part of his initiative to meet with auto manufacturers on the subject of distracted driving, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood met with BMW of North America CEO Jim O’Donnell to discuss actions both organizations were taking. BMW was already active promoting Don’t Text and Drive through its Teen Driving School, and was inspired to develop more comprehensive actions, including the advertising campaign.

U.S. Department of Transportation statistics show nearly 5.500 people died in crashes in 2009 involving a distracted driver, while the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found 87 percent of teen drivers admit to texting while behind the wheel. These statistics provided BMW with ample motivation to get behind this cause and develop the actions the company is now announcing.

As a leader in technology, BMW continues to use research and innovation to develop systems that enhance safety and convenience while further eliminating distraction.
For example, the company uses a method called pupilometry to define the movement of one’s eye between information inside the vehicle and the car controls. This helps defines the placement of information to allow maximum attention on the road and the ability to monitor systems.

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9 responses to “BMW launches “Don’t Text and Drive” campaign”

  1. Otto says:

    Instead you could use our fantastic ConnectDrive system to surf on the web, tweet and check your friends on Facebook. Much more efficient to hit kids than texting.

  2. John says:

    Please be kind and remember Don’t TXT and drive.

  3. Drobbins says:

    I would love an opportunity to speak with someone from BMW about their no texting while driving.  My company has actually just created a product that will stop your phones texting capabilities while you are driving.  It is just so difficult to find any contact information.  If anyone could please help me I would greatly appreciate it!!!

  4. Amyodio says:

    I wish I had a way to post a picture of my wrecked car on this page. I totaled my car just trying to look at a text that I received. You might say “Wow, howd she manage that?” The truth is it only takes looking down for one second to crash your car. I also have back problems resulting from that crash. I thought it was safe to look down for a mere second but I was wrong! Dont chance it!

    Looking down at one text quickly=

    $4,000 in damage to my vehicle
    Dealing with insurance to cover other vehicle’s repairs
    Insane increase in insurance
    Back problems that require physical therapy

    NOT worth it!!!

  5. Ralph L says:

    We just lost someone we love to a women that was doing something on her phone, she drove off the street and onto the sidewalk where she ran our friend over and killed her. The driver says she does not know how she ended up on the sidewalk and only remembers hearing a clunk. This has got to stop.

  6. David Nadeau says:

    Something So Simple As A Sticker Can Save A Life
    Let me introduce myself my name is David Nadeau I am a Lieutenant with the Monroe Township Fire Department in Monroe Michigan have been for 19 years like many in the fire service I have seen firsthand what happens when you have distracted drivers.
    I have been on accidents and fatalities in Monroe County Michigan over the years young and old do to distractive driving and or texting and driving and you hear about this all over the Country. I have a 14 year old and 16 years old that is driving I am going to do everything in my power to make them safe. I started out with a label maker and putting the words (Don’t Text and Drive) on the dash board of his vehicle as a reminder to be safe and not to text and drive.
    Driving down the road is no longer a lonely, quiet experience. With cellular phones, two-way radios, I-Pads, video games and stereos, the interior of your vehicle no longer offers a quiet place to focus on driving. These days with everyone’s life so busy, paying attention while driving can be difficult. Have you ever been driving down the road and suddenly you notice you don’t remember the last five miles you traveled? Although your attention may only be diverted for a split second, the ever-changing variables of the road and other vehicles can make you instantly vulnerable to accidents.
    Well I have come up with some see through windshield sticker’s as a visual reminder one is for the motoring public young and old and the others are for emergency services Fire, Police, EMS and Tow truck companies  that can be put on their windshield, dashboard or visor where ever they feel the safety sticker placement is the safest place for them to see it and the roadway.
    Just like the sticker in your windshield to remind you to change your oil so you don’t destroy your engine these windshield sticker’s will remind you how to help save lives. And not destroy the lives of the people that are injured and killed each year due to distracted driving while texting and driving or when approaching a emergency roadway scene. How much does it cost to save a life something we take for granted, your greatest safety assur­ance comes from adopting and practicing as many safety steps as possible. Adding something so simple as the a sticker to your vehicle can make all the difference. Being ready for any emergency is much like having a spare tire in your car, no one expects a flat but we carry the spare and the tools regardless.
    (You can never know which safety step will save a life — until it does)
    This is why the sticker should be in every vehicle on the roadway, if you have a fire  with a fire extinguisher nearby for quick access, you put the fire out you just stopped a potential disaster, if you have an automatic external defibrillator nearby for quick access and someone has a heartache you could save a life. Same concept for the safety sticker  what we do as a society  can determined if someone lives or dies.
    One sticker with the Michigan colors it say’s (Stay Safe in Michigan Don’t Text and Drive, that can be made for in State) which I have sent to the Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson and she liked it so much she has offered to help along with State Representative Dale Zorn and Senator Carl Levin . I don’t know if it is possible but I am trying to partner up with a company like Verizon and Ford to get the word out and to get this sticker in every vehicle we can. To be able to partner with a cell phone company and a automobile manufacture that wants people to buy their product and help them be safe with their product would be a great marketing idea and a win-win for everyone. I believe texting and driving is the new cancer that we can help prevent with these small see through windshield, dashboard, visor stickers and TV ads and radio announcements .
                                                                            Powerful Visual Reminder That Can Save Firefighters, Police, Ems, Civilians and Other Emergency Services Lives
    We use checklist and visual reminders to remind us of things we need to do, we have an oil change sticker in the windshield to remind us when we need to change our oil. The same concept can work in other areas like saving lives of emergency service personal that respond every day to emergencies on our roadways throughout this great country of ours. Visual reminders help us to remember and focus on what we need to do. We all use visual reminders every day on the roadway’s like signs buckle up click it or ticket it; give them a brake high way construction workers.  How many of us use (post it) notes in the office and even in our vehicles to remind us to do something for that day, month, and year. How many of us have the car notepad with the suction cup stuck to our windshield, how about a visual reminder in real-time for real time situations. You write on the wall calendar to remind you of meetings, birthdays and other events every day we need to be reminded of something.
    Now days with have cell phones, I-pads and other electronic devices to remind us of things we need to do with those catchy ring tones. We have vehicles that talk to us, that can almost park themselves. Too bad we can’t program our electronic devices to go off as we approach an emergency scene telling us what we need to do to get past the emergency scene safely. They have radar detectors that warn us as you come within a certain distance of speed traps, construction zones, even accidents ahead why not have one that can alert us what to do when approaching an emergency scene. The new radar detector’s can alert us to: accident black spots, safety cameras and mobile laser guns; with an audible, visual and voice alerts. In the UK most fixed cameras are installed at accident ‘black spots’ where four or more fatal or serious road collisions have occurred over the previous three years.  The Tom-Toms out now will reroute you around an accident scene why not program it to tell us how to be safe if we are approaching an emergency scene.
    With the amount of things we have to remember in any given day, the things that go through our minds as we drive down the roadway are staggering.  When you want to remember something, the very best thing to do is write it down. Then, when you need to recall it, it will be there for you in an instant. When you have a visual reminder you want to keep them in one consistent place.
    Why not have a visual reminder that can save your life and lives of emergency personal that are trying to save a life on a roadway accident scene. When our eye catches an object we quickly recognize it and it could be just a brief change, how many times at stop light we look at our oil change sticker each and every day .Every time we see a picture of the three firefighters that are raising the flag September 11, 2001 at ground zero reminds us of that day.
    I came up with a Life Critical Visual Reminder (LCVR) for Fire apparatus vehicles, Police, EMS, Fire or EMS services that use their own vehicle to respond and POV’s. And a visual reminder for texting and driving and what to do when approaching an emergency scene. I have been a firefighter for 19 years and a lieutenant for the last five years on a paid on call department in Monroe Michigan with a call volume of around 1500 a year.  I have been a safety specialist for a large construction company for 12 years and I am always trying to coming up with ways for our employee’s and firefighters to stay safe. We have visual reminders all over our construction sites and at our fire stations.
    I have come up with a visual reminder windshield safety sticker for emergency services and POV’s that I think should be consider for  all new vehicles’ as they come off the assembly line including all fire apparatus assembly lines. This sticker should be given to every teenage driver after they completed their driver’s education class, there is no training in the driver education class about approaching emergency roadway accidents scene’s. These life saving stickers, posters should be in every Secretary of State offices all over the Country when we renew your driver’s license you should get a LCVR sticker. There should be some test questions about emergency roadway accident scene’s and what to do when you approach them when you renew your driver license.
     This is why I believe something as simple as a sticker in your windshield along with a TV ad or radio announcement will save lives we simply have to be more careful when driving on our roadways, and pay more attention to what is happening outside the car. What could be more important that ensuring that we do everything possible to protect the people that visit, vacation, work, live or play in this great State of Michigan?
    I wish that I never had the opportunity to come up with this idea I also wish that I never had to respond to any motor vehicle accident. Most of all I wish I could take the pain away for the family members that lost their love ones on Monroe County roadways. When bad things happen we as a society need to take what we have learned and make the world a better and safer place to use whatever is at our disposal. And that is all I want to do with the Michigan sticker (Don’t Text While Driving) and the TV ad and radio announcement with Pure Michigan.
    I hope whenever or if ever a TV ad or radio announcement from Pure Michigan which could be used all over the Country will open the eyes of the people in Lansing and for each and every one of us to decide what they stand for.  We are alive but many are not and will not be if we don’t take the opportunity to do something. For those of us that choose to not take the time or look the other way I hope will be inspired to do so and never have to look a family member in the eyes and tell them there love one is not coming home.
    Why not have a video and a radio announcement from a State that not only wants you to visit but wants you to return and to be safe while you’re here. You could have a Michigan State Trooper in the video along with a Monroe Firefighter most Southern City to a Handcock Firefighter most Northern City. Saying something like we want you to return and we want to be safe on Michigan roadways from Monroe war of 1812 River Raisin Battlefield to Handcock next to the majestic Lake Superior and named after John Handcock signer of the Declaration of Independence, with the Michigan State Trooper saying and every place in-between.
    A State that wants you to visit and be safe is pure Michigan your trip begins at

    We want you your family and friends to experience the tulip festivals’ in spring, walk down some of the most fantastic US beaches in the summer like Saugatuck Michigan’s Oval Beach, and see some of the most beautiful colors in autumn that nature can give us, then golf and ski at some of the best resorts in the Country. So put your seatbelt on set down your cell phone and enjoy some of the best vacation spots on earth.
    A State that wants you to visit and be safe is pure Michigan your trip begins at

    Video could be shot with a Monroe Firefighter standing next to their fire truck with the Monroe name on the fire truck and Handcock Fire department doing the same, with the Michigan State Trooper standing next to the police vehicle with the State of Michigan logo.
    A billboard sign along some of the major expressways in the State with a State Trooper and Firefighter with the words we want you to return and we want to be safe on Michigan roadways, with Pure Michigan in big letters.
    Thank you for your time to talk about Michigan roadway safety please campaign
    I appreciate your help and time, please contact me at your earliest convenience
    Thank you for your time and considering my request.
    David Nadeau
    Monroe Township Fire Department                                                                                                                                                      
    Work: 734-241-6061  
    Cell: 734-777-6525

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