Spy Shots: BMW M3 Pickup at Nurburgring

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And we thought we’ve seen it all…The latest spy photos of  a BMW has put a smile on our faces. The fellows at Autoblog have …

And we thought we’ve seen it all…The latest spy photos of  a BMW has put a smile on our faces. The fellows at Autoblog have spied a BMW M3 Pickup going around the famous Nurburgring race track.

It is unclear if these are tests conducted by BMW or an independent tuner, but with the Essen Motor Show just around the corner, we are willing to bet on the latter assumption.

This has to be the first M3 Ute conversion we have seen to date and despite the fact that it scratches our eyes a bit, we have to applaud them, whoever they are, for the attempt.

For more photos, head over to Autoblog.

Update: We just learned that it’s a one off built car for BMW motorad accessory supplier.

04 bmw m3 pickup kgp mar 1 655x436

19 responses to “Spy Shots: BMW M3 Pickup at Nurburgring”

  1. Sajan says:

    hahahah the guy in the passenger seat is loving it!! Is this supposed to be competing with the Holden Maloo?

  2. Shawn says:

    Motorrad customers expect their parts fast… The riding season is short in some parts of the world. ;)

  3. Tom says:

    hahah thats so awesome!

  4. Lariv says:

    This is brilliant.

  5. That’s by far the most elegant (if it’s possible for a truck to be elegant) and the most non-redneck truck I have ever seen.

  6. Clinton says:

    The Aussies would have loved this if it were real loll

  7. empower says:

    this is not the first 3 series pick up ive seen

  8. Bryce says:

    Maybe BMW’s testing a mid-engine setup and there’s a twin-turbo straight six in the bed of that ute…

  9. Wil says:

    Stuart Applby would be my guess!! He is an Aussie Golfer that is “famous” for having an E39 M5 profesionally converted to a ute. He ownes a farm and felt that there was nothing on the market that offered the appeal of the M5 but in a ute body. The HSV models just didn’t do it for him, so on came his project; http://www.m5ute.com.au/

  10. bob says:

    Clever for them to begin with an E93 and use the forward roof pane, IMO!

    OTOH, I’m not sure if BMW’s Security Dept. would be amused by the confusion created by the selected use of psychedelic camouflage…eventhough it’s quite different than BMW’s.

  11. Choman says:

    A bit early for April’s fools day, so I’ll say it’s legit. Although there is a practical issue with a M3 pickup. With the way a M3 is supposed to be driven, the stuff in the back will be flying out of the pickup in no time. Even if it’s tied down, it will adversely impact the performance and handling of the car by shifting it’s centre of gravity and weight…or maybe I’m thinking too much about this…

  12. Anonymous says:

    Unbalivable. This is total disaster. Marketing people at BMW got crazy or what?

  13. Ed says:

    Gay. C’mon you have to be a twat to buy or drive a BMW but this just takes the piss.

  14. I got to see this thing in person at the M-studio at BMW M when I went on tour of their facility. Its mostly a parts hauler…cool looking tho.

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