Pickup truck

bmw xm pickup truck 00 830x553

This BMW XM Pickup Render Looks Awesome

We’ve been having an internal discussion at BMWBLOG, about how BMW is likely to make a pickup truck in the coming years. Such an idea might seem absurd to BMW purists, who can’t imagine imagine…

BMW Rival Audi Considering Luxury Pickup Truck

bmw x7 pickup 15 830x553

BMW builds a one-off X7 pickup-truck

Is BMW planning a production series pickup truck? BMW says no, but for now, the Bavarians are flexing their muscles by unveiling a one-off BMW X7 Pick-up. The unique conversion was put together by BMW Group…

BMW M3 pickup truck 750x500

BMW actually built two M3 pickup trucks

Apparently, all the quirky and strange BMW M3 concepts and ideas that fans and enthusiasts come up with have actually been made by BMW. In a press release yesterday, BMW M unveiled some of their…