Design Analysis: 2012 BMW 6 Series Coupe

6 Series Coupe | March 13th, 2011 by 6

BMW considers the new 6 series the top of their model range. Its role is to be the pinnacle of BMW’s coupe offerings. And yet …

BMW considers the new 6 series the top of their model range. Its role is to be the pinnacle of BMW’s coupe offerings. And yet it encompasses a true coupe and a convertible. The British have a term that allows both models to be called coupes, and that term for a convertible top on a coupe body is known as a drop-head coupe.

And in reality that’s exactly what BMW intended with the convertible, to make it as close in form as possible to the coupe. The 6er coupe is the pure styling form from which the drop-head version was cleverly created.

The 6er coupe, in this author’s estimation, is better looking than the drop-head version. Frankly the shorter rear deck and the dramatic slope of the rear light, are the reason it appeals more to this writer’s eye. The proportions seem perfect on the 6er coupe.

Design Analysis: 2012 BMW 6 Series Coupe

The addition of a horizontal character line that defines the rear spoiler and runs through into the C-pillar is another nice touch. And that line is picked up in parallel by the horizontal line that runs along the top of the rear bumper back into the rear wheel well area.

Dare it be compared to an Aston Martin DB9? Well, yes it can. It serves a similar clientèle, with the Aston Martin being a bit more exclusive. But the 6er coupe doesn’t give up anything on the styling front.

Word has it that Aston Martin is considering six cylinder engines again. And with the 640i coupe, that would help bring back the glory era of six cylinder Grand Touring cars.

  • Tom

    i am blown away right now. BMW just nailed it beyond belief with the coupe. i was so discouraged with the new drop head 6er- its beautiful but theres just something off about it..
    the Coupe however, is just simply perfect. the headlights make it. BMWforever

  • bob

    Score another for Bangle!

  • Bryan

    The car is definitely a stunner. However, I find it hard to believe BMW considers the 6-series to be “the top of their range”. I think that honor belongs to the 7-series — like it or not.

    • Hugo Becker

      Actually Adrian van Hooydonk told us at the NAIAS in Detroit this year that it was considered their top model. One wonders why they didn’t use the ‘8’ designation for it, but that may have had as much to do with pricing considerations as anything else, or maybe they have an 8 in the works. Regardless . . .

    • Horatiu B.

      Price wise, they are pretty close to each other and the M6 will def be priced around 110k, if not more

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