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ActiveE | February 15th, 2011 by 9
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Two weeks ahead of its debut in Geneva, ActiveE’s secrets are being revealed by BMW. New information and photos are released giving us all the …

Two weeks ahead of its debut in Geneva, ActiveE’s secrets are being revealed by BMW. New information and photos are released giving us all the technical specs behind the 1 Series Coupe electric vehicle.

The number of horsepower and torque was already known, 170 horsepower, respectively 250 Nm, but the surprise comes from the overall weight of the electric conversion 1er Coupe: 1815 kilograms, approximately 400 kilograms heavier than the 170 horsepower 120i Coupe. With the upcoming Megacity Vehicle, due to its carbon-fiber frame, BMW expects to achieve an overall weight number below 1,500 kilograms.

On a full charge, BMW says the ActiveE has a driving range of 160 kilometers, but under test conditions, the company managed to achieve 240 kilometers.

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Another interesting tidbit comes from the weight distribution figure. The 50:50 distribution has not been achieved with the ActiveE, official specs showing 933 to 882 kilograms, leaving the rear a little more exposed than the front. But thanks to the always-available torque, the disadvantage is less relevant in real-life driving compared to on paper.
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To showcase some of the engineering behind the ActiveE, BMW releases a new videos.

9 responses to “Video, Photos and Technical Specs: BMW ActiveE. Everyday utility”

  1. FreudeKing says:

    This is one really ugly looking car with this ugly bumper. what were they thinking???

  2. pimeto says:

    Oh maan thats just one big BS… seriously! They made it heavier ? WTF ?
    With these HP and that weight i wonder how they managed to get 160km range…
    And if you put 4 people in it and some baggage, and there you go….under 100km i guess.
    Well, i bet that we are gonna wait for a couple more decades before something new comes – power technology like

    • wazon8 says:

      Did you expect that it will be lighter than 120i Coupe with all the batteries on a board? Man, you needed to be kidding or you’re simply heavily misinformed. How were they supposed to instal all the technology for electric motor and reduce mass, while keeping car at reasonable price? They could make extensive use of carbon fibres, but in recent times it simply would cost too much and cheaper cars would be avaible around. Taking that these cars are mainly dedicated to everyday driving in city, low mass and greater performance (perhaps also wider range) would be a weak argument against high price. It’s as if convincing someone interesting in buying 320 with diesel motor for driving in city that she should buy M3, because it has so great performance and has relatively low mass. Your thinking about cars is pretty damn one dimensional and completely ignore marketing target of the given car, its competition class. Nobody says that this one is supposed to be light and sport car, so why do you complain?

      BTW, read the article. It stated that in test conditions they’ve achieved 240km of range, so on what do you rely your claim about 100km of range?

      • pimeto says:

        I read the article…. under test conditions ? And what does that mean exactly, can you explain please – you, the informed guy.
        That whole thing you wrote is just another proof how pointless is the electric vehicle with those big ass battery packs. Pointless as hell!
        So if i want a range of 500km or more, i have to buy a whole truck with batteries to provide!
        I see no point in a heavy cars running on electricity. The more weight the more el. consumption. I dont claim anything! Its just pure logic – 1800kg car + 200-300kg passangers and luggage and stuff…. there you go – 2 tons min car running on batteries… and what do you expect, 250km range ? Who are you kidding ?
        Not to mention if you try driving up hill, or mountain….lol.
        A day in a city with traffic, start -stop, start-stop on electricity moving 2 tons…
        I dont know what were those test conditions (i hope its not a virtual simulation or something :D ) but its ridiculous!
        Its not the time for those cars yet. Until they find some alternative energy source, im driving a muscle car!

        • wazon8 says:

          Man, on what do you base your expectation that it won’t have wider range than 100km? That’s simple question to which you give no answer. Instead, you prefer to make idiots from BMW engineers. Do you think that they drive this car on flat surface with no additional weight that would imitiate the weight of passangers and then they say “look, our car has 160km of range”? That’s crazy. What expected range says is what one can get in real life driving on a road. You talk as if there were no average fuel consumption assessment that would be correct. When I buy a car and it’s said that it will consume 9 liters of pethrol per 100km, then I expect that they consider in this calculation that I can take a passanger. Most likely, range reached under test conditions is the one that was reached at one of BMW test track, where is no traffic and so on. That’s why they think that real life range will be norrower. As for climing the hill, performance of each car is worse, so that’s nothing surprising that in this one the same scenerio will take the place. Nevetheless, it’s highly unlike that this car will have a problem with climb up. Have you ever seen 520d e60 having a poblem with reaching the top of a hill? I didn’t. Why then is this one supposed to have a big problem with it, while it has similar power, torgue and weight?

          What’s the most pointless thing is not an electric car, but your requirement that it should have 500km range. Electric cars are not supposed to have this kind of range in recent time. They’re supposed to be vehicles that will take person from a place where she lives to a place where she works in the same city. Statistically it’s not more than 160km per day. Like it or not.

  3. FreudeKing says:

    I know better than you all.

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