First Official Photos: Three MINI electric scooters coming to Paris Auto Show

MINI | September 23rd, 2010 by 8

At the beginning of this month MINI posted on their Facebook page a series of sketches of a concept coming to the Paris Motor Show, …

At the beginning of this month MINI posted on their Facebook page a series of sketches of a concept coming to the Paris Motor Show, an electric scooter with two wheels. Now, with less than ten days before the Paris Motor Show, MINI has revealed the first photos and details on the scooter concept that will make its debut at the end of this month.

Dubbed MINI E Scooter, the model is e two-wheeler electric scooter. The electric motor is placed behind the rear wheel, and its fuel autonomy is estimated at around 62 miles. Top speed is 31 mph.

The performance of the engine is intended to satisfy the urban needs, thus turning the scooter in an ideal transportation means in the city, and perfectly ecologic.


According to a report published by German newspaper Der Spiegel that quotes Gerd Hildebrand, MINI’s Chief Designer, MINI has prepared not one, but three different models to start with, painted in three different themes: an anglophile version, an Ego model and an eco-version with the same color scheme as the Mini E electric car.

The scooter shares a series of design elements with the MINI cars: small wheels that protrude forward and the shape of the headlights, the light switch, the over-sized tachometer, as well as various small storage compartments.

Depending on customer feedback after the launch, BMW may also introduce, at a later time, a series of production models.

[Source: Der Spiegel]

  • Shawn

    Very, very exciting times. The scooter market is huge in so many countries, it is very clever that BMW can break into this market under the Mini brand. Looking forward to taking one for a spin.

  • Wooo hoo.

    Oh look the sportr compact 1 series has some competition

    • viper

      The 1 series coupe has a similar footprint as the previous gen M3. If you think that’s compact you’re all mixed up.

      Taxi for the troll please

  • Woo Hoo

    The previous Gen? WHo cares about yetserday’s cars or news? WHere’s the status in that? Pssssht!

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  • Rita Sloan

    E-scooters are more enjoyable and fun fetching that even elders finds the chance to use it, as it is adjustable to any height. Now we can say it is the desire of the man of any age. With these scooters, one can ride on the plane roads or off roads; it has added one more kind of fun in life’s of today’s trend. Electric Scooter is smaller, light in weight and requires less parking place.

  • Glenn

    Will be a classic and excellent marketing it under the mini brand. Would like to see a higher top speed even if it meant sacrificing some distance it can travel. Or at least make it optional.

  • disappointed

    And where are these to be had??  this was just a phony publicity grab.