Video Comparison: BMW M3 vs. Cadillac CTS-V Coupe vs. Audi RS5

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MotorTrend takes on the challenging, intriguing and at the same time exciting task of comparing some of the best luxury performance coupes out there: BMW …

MotorTrend takes on the challenging, intriguing and at the same time exciting task of comparing some of the best luxury performance coupes out there: BMW M3 Coupe vs. Audi’s latest RS5 and the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe.

Three fine vehicles with their own fan base and admirers, and the showdown’s winner is usually settled by the fine details.

And the winner this time is the….BMW M3 Coupe, as Motor Trend describes it: “…oldest car here, but like a good red wine, it’s getting better with age”.

Let’s take a look at an excerpt of their review, but we encourage you to head over to MotorTrend for a full, entertaining and informative article, and you can also watch the video comparison below.


BMW’s M3 is the oldest car of this trio, but like a good red wine, it seems to be getting better with age. Under the hood is the now-familiar 4.0-liter V-8 that develops 414 horsepower at a screaming 8300 rpm, and our Melbourne Red coupe is equipped with the lightning-fast seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual transmission. It’s also fitted with BMW’s new Competition Package, a $2500 bundle of goodies that includes wider offset 19-inch alloy wheels, the ride height lowered by 0.4 inch, and reprogrammed Electronic Damper Control and Dynamic Stability Control settings designed to sharpen the car’s dynamic responses beyond the already scalpel-like ability of the regular M3.



BMW’s M3 has long been the segment’s benchmark, but it’s not perfect. Left to shift itself, the seven-speed transmission is clunkier than the Audi’s. The steering-wheel rim feels fat and clumsy, and these days Hyundais have better-looking interiors (our car’s all-black interior looked particularly cheap and nasty). But the M3 is still the most sharply focused driver’s car of this bunch, a scalpel among sledgehammers.

Each of these cars is seriously fast and highly desirable. That we could even contemplate putting a Cadillac up against the best from BMW and Audi and not have the thing left gasping and wheezing, brakes on fire and suspension turned to mush after three days of hammering around Bavaria shows how far Caddy has come from the days when most of its customers left their teeth in a glass by the bed at night. The RS 5 is a marvelous Grand Tourer, an elegant, classy two-door that will feel just as comfortable antiquing in the Hamptons as hustling over the Grossglockner Pass in an early autumn snowstorm. But when it comes to performance, passion, and pure driver appeal, the BMW M3 is still the benchmark.

The oldest car here, but like a good red wine, it’s getting better with age. Driver-focused powertrain and chassis make it a scalpel among sledgehammers.


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  • JL

    the m3 and rs5 rule the caddillacs just a fat ugly brick with a corvette engine shoved up its nose

    • Arash Kamangeer

      The M3 has a 4.2 L v8,..the Cadillac and Corvette use a 6.2 Liter V8 found in the ZR1(this version is with Turbo charged or supercharged). and the RS5 Uses a 4.2L found in the RS4 and R6 but with a Turbo!!!!

  • brendan

    the M3 has a straight 4.0 L v8 smallest engine out of ALL three cars

    • cts-v ftw

      It’s also a slow turd!


    I have a soft spot for the Caddy but that car is just doesn’t look good apart from a monsterous engine at the front. The RS5 just look beautiful honestly but it still doesn’t have the edge to take over the M3 so with this the M3 is just the legend. In a couple of years to come, the Caddy will step up their game for sure…

  • Babken

    Nothing beats BMW M3.

    • kcsnyud

      WOw and to think that the cts-v lost to the m3 but won to the m5…

      SHame, m5!
      Bravo, m3! Power isnt everything!

  • Tom

    just wait til the next gen m3. i guarantee it’ll be a rival in aggressivness compared to the audi. either way it’ll take the cake. an m3 will always be an m3

  • Jimmy

    The Caddy is not a M3 competitor. The CTS-V sedan is a M5 competitor, so it would stand to reason that the CTS-V coupe is a M6 competitor. Hence the 550+ hp, which is far, far more than the M3 competitors-C63 AMG,RS5, IS-F.

    I can’t stand when car mags do these tests, knowing full well the outcome when the Caddy is not in this class.

    • Daniel Hoang

      Its because the caddy is priced similar the rest.

  • XC

    When is a viper’s comment when you need it lol.

    ‘The benchmark is still the benchmark’, gosh, I love that comment.

  • XC


  • E46Fanatic


  • Caddi Hoarder

    BMW’s M3 is the oldest car and smallest car.. caddilac and M3 wont be come under the same class….