Rendering: 2014 BMW M3

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az14 10 008 NEU BMW

The German auto publication Auto Zeitung publishes a rendering of the next generation BMW M3. Due out in 2014, the new BMW M3 is built …

The German auto publication Auto Zeitung publishes a rendering of the next generation BMW M3. Due out in 2014, the new BMW M3 is built under the codename F32 and will be using the platform of the upcoming 3 Series.

According to BMW sources, the new BMW M3 models will be available only in Coupe and Convertible variants and, but ongoing discussion around a potential Touring model or other variant, are continuing.

While most of these design interpretations are still in the early stages, the rendering from Auto Zeitung showcases a sporty M3 Coupe, but with many design lines still being too aggressive nor matching the M3’s core idea.
az14 10 008 NEU BMW

For an enhanced artistic impression, the rendering artist added the CS Concept wheels, a common trait in many renderings.

The 2014 BMW M3 is rumored to drop the 420-hp V-8 and replaced by a 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight six producing around 450-hp. Next generation 3 Series will be introduced in 2012.

[Source: Auto Zeitung via Germancarforum ]

40 responses to “Rendering: 2014 BMW M3”

  1. Oh I liked the “short butt” and the aggressive lines. I hope it is as menacing as they can make it.

    • Bryce says:

      I agree. With Audi’s new RS5 trying to compete with the M3, BMW needs to make sure it doesn’t pull any punches… The more aggressive, the better!

      • Paul says:

        You said it mate…”trying”…for the next gen M3 if they kept the engine and lost 150kg it would be perfect.
        But from the latest spy pics of the new 3 ser that thing is bigger than the E39 5 series!!!!
        Lets face it: the 3 ser that we used to love is dead. The new 3 is the One. I didnt replace my E46 cause the new 3 is just too big and heavy and the one just way too cheap. Lets see how the new one compares but this current 3 ser is just too big. its no longer nimble, light and agile and with the additon of electric steering that great feel we all love in our bimmers will be lost 4ever

        • Stevie says:

          you know what, this is why BMW comes out with 1 series. Soon, that 1 series will be the same size as your e46.

          if the 3 series doesn’t grow in size while other competitors do, people will be complaining about how they spend the same money but they have to stuck with a smaller one. Solution, grow up, and then come out with 1 series that will eventually replace the current 3 series size.

          go and take a look, current 3 series is almost similar in dimension as the 5 series 2 generation ago.

    • Doug says:

      It should be aggressive, but refined. Well thought-out.

      BMW has to get the 3 right, and they’ve acknowledged this. But look at what they’ve done with the 5 and 7 – are they exactly what you hoped for, or do you have mixed feelings about them? Under the same design direction, we should expect the latest evolution of their current ideas, but in a way that appeals to the widest audience possible. I”m worried this means that it will not be that distinctive or… creative, as the current 3.

      Or as the honda accord.

  2. Jigsaw says:

    Well it’s ayt, but i thnk we should wait for the next 3er gen to be revealed first. . .

  3. Carlos Perez says:

    there will be no sedan??? i thougth it was a sucess and the most practical one….

  4. X7 says:

    Hottest New Car

  5. Tom says:

    Reminds me of the Evo Lancer for whatever reason.

  6. Tom says:

    Love the aggression. I think that’s what BMW needs. Granted they are amazing in everything they do, just needs alittle more aggression.

    Can’t wait to see some more renderings, bring em on!

  7. sok says:

    Agree with you. Tom
    This rendering bring more looking excite and aggressive that’s bmw needs
    for new gen.

  8. David says:

    my God! This is really hot! Or in German, GANZ GEIL!!!!

  9. asdf says:

    looks like a honda bumper

  10. plaxico says:

    looks nice, but ……cmon now.

  11. lawrence says:

    Bmw is truly advancing quick with the solid engineering that they have. When the new m3 comes out the world will truly witness a true sports car.

    • plaxico says:

      man please, sports car….. give me a f. brake
      ever heard for porsche, gt con, ferrari, sls ,r8

      Mediocre-posers-wannabe-”sports” car = bmwM3

      • wazon8 says:

        M3 is true sport car, like it or not. It’s not a supercar, but it doesn’t need to be one to be great sport car. Since when does sport car need to be a supercar? Remember that stock M3 has almost the same average slalom speed (0,1 mph difference) as brand new Porsche GT3, is really close on some tracks to Audi R8 4.2FSi, its race version is a key player at LeMans and won Nurburgring 24h Race. Only such biased assholes as cannot apprieciate these facts about M3. If it’s not enough to be a true sport car, then the only thing remains to say is “Give us a break and drive any M-car first before you say another shit about them”. BTW, M3 GTS is already on road and GTS-R is coming. If prediction of 7:40 at Nurburgring for GTS is correct, it will put your SLS and R8 (in whatever version) in really embarassing position. Period.

        • plaxico says:

          waz jeeeez, calm down cabron, i know that truth hurts but still, damn, calm down papi

          • wazon8 says:

            Is there any border for your stupidity? I’m starting to feel sorry for you.

          • viper says:

            actually waz , he is right , audi mercedes porsche and some others do have a supercar , a sports car in a totally different league and price range. bmw lacks that. they got non appealing cars that drive very well.
            which is good.
            but they should have a real supercar , something to admire like when ur jaw dropes when u see r8 , slr , murcielago …a car like that.
            my opinion. bmw will never have a car like that.

          • wazon8 says:

            viper, can you read with understanding? He claimed that the only true sport cars are supercars. Whether BMW should have or not supercar is different and disputable question. One thing is clear, no car maker (expect Koeniggseg) who has a supercar is independent. Investing in supercar is risky thing in general. Porsche which was supposed to buy VW shares was sold out to VW! Personally, I don’t need BMW to produce such car, although they gave green light for VED, about which you two constantly forget.

          • plaxico says:

            nailed it vip
            bmw BOYS think that 18inch pimp wheels make a TRUE SPORTS car.
            Can bmw make A TRUE SPORTS car ? well future doesnt look promising

            bmw will never have a car like that

        • wazon8 says:

          Hahahaha, since when M3 consist only of wheels? Have you ever seen this car in real world? I don’t ask about driving it, because shit you talk are enough for me to know that you haven’t. BTW, are starting to play some irrational sheik who admit only supercars as sport cars? I guess that it’s due to fail of your pretending to be a lawyer.

          • Jigsaw says:

            LoL, YA he doesn’t know m3, he heard about it on the radio. . .lol. . .
            And true that BMW doesn’t have to make a supercar, the brand its self is stronger than m0st supercar brands, but coz it can make a supercar, it wil make it…it did it with the m1.

            @Plaxico, man u. . .lol. . do u even kn0w what a sports car iz?, and with the history m3 has made on race tracks a million times u ask iz the m3 a true sports car?, dude. . . M3 iz being compared to ”big supercarz” by other enthusiasts and tv shows and u still ask iz m3 a true ”sport car”?. . . I’ll let WAZON8 Handle u. . .

          • viper says:

            wazon as a bmw fan (I still am partly) I understand when u say I dont need my bmw to produce that kind of car , but as my eyes are now wide open and seeing what ”audi” does (which I considered to be extremely pathetic car in the late 90’s) who had three models while bmw had plenty of everything to offer from m3 to m5 to 7er to real tuning and all , seeing audi investing in R8 makes me really really pissed because its a DAMN GOOD LOOKING and very fast car in a LAMBO league?!!?…I’m not even gonna go with Mercedes they have SLR (had) , now retro SLS and again jackpot because people are talking about it and it is a supercar in whole different league far away from ur usual (not saying that they are not cars) m3 , m6 , m5….you know ur regular powerful fast cars…I mean why bmw of all of them doesnt have a real supercar like nazca or something even better. yeah green light.wait another 3-4years man. the R8 sls and many others are driving as you read this..think

  12. T. says:

    Not the best rendering.
    But it is the first off the starting blocks regarding the new M3 , others will follow suit. There are some elements closer to reality though. For example the Mirrors are similar to the mirrors on the forthcoming M5 and M6 Trading curvature for a more aggressive angular appearance as the aerodynamic package.

    Secondly the front appearance of this render is near enough similar to the appearance of the next 3er Sedan and Touring.
    The Coupe and Cabrio will again follow their on style and not share similar advances as the sedan. The rendering shows a stubby rear end when in truth the new Coupe and Cabrio will be as sleek as today’s car’s .

    The aerodynamics on the render is one idea being investigated in order to progress the M aerodynamic look in the future.
    The introduction of a more angular look to the aerodynamic package is to accomodate small lip spoilers in aid of Efficient Dynamics.

  13. Paul says:

    This M3 is going to be a piece of crap…way too big and heavy with numb electric steering. The current generation is very good – despite not beeing near the CSL E46 -.
    The real M3 is going to be the M1…if bmw makes it right that is cause lately hasnt been doing a good job.

  14. KOUKI507 says:

    Very interesting. But why would the M3 loose its sedan shape?

    This rendering makes more sense as a 3 series GT M Sport package to me.

  15. Jigsaw says:

    Wazon8 . . . Thank u for telling PLAXICO the difference of a Sports Car and a Super Car. I waz lazy to reply to his ”lack of car understanding”. He calls M3 a ”Wannabe”. . .lol, wow, n0t even a 10yr old would say that. M3 is the ”world’s best sports car”. Audi doesn’t ”have history” it rose in like 2004/5 and M3 has killed Porsches and Mercs a million timez. . . PLAXICO u r a joke man, just go to BMW Web and read the ”words that define the JOY LOGO”, that would be en0ugh for u. . . M3 wannabe. . .lol.

  16. Coswo says:

    M3 is competing in the 24h lemans series, M3 beaten the porsche and such on the 24 of the nurburgring…and was riding 23h30min in first position at the 24h of spa till a Porsche hit it in the front … and yes BMW is making a new SUPER car to take away such discussions… it will come at the 2012 naias and will go in production in 2013 or 2014 at this moment this project is called project 442.. based on the vision conceptcar…it’s gonna eat audi’s R8 for breakfast, no doubt about that. Take any motorisation that you know and compare power, and fuel consumption at the same time for the same CC, no discussion that in cars BMW is one of the leading company’s on earth.

    ps Porsche, Audi, VW, all the same group, i like to drive porsche and Lambo’s but still BMW catches my heart in the handling and for the electric devices on the car, you can cut it off if you want to drive it like in the “old” days and yes the 1 m coupé will be handling better than de e46 m3 based on the N55 motor of the 135i with 365 hp under the hood i’m looking out for this one, the 135i beats allready alot of porsches on the road, you should really test it some time….

  17. Arman Abovyan says:

    Hey Guys I own 2009 m3 MT, coupe . The car is awesome, small adjustments to the car and it can hang with R8 and porsche except the turbo. The argument is a supercar, why m3 is a better than anything audi makes except for the R8. I got chip mid exhaust and pulley. it is faster, about 450hp.
    They new M6 will out perform the R8 easily. Remember everyone the BMW is practical you can drive it everyday, thats there purpose, not to keep it in the garage, and also normal service included.

  18. Arman Abovyan says:

    The whole world who is building a sports car its trying to measure up to the BMW M3 of 2008 style E92, WHY?????????. Because it practical and its the best thing out there now. Audi RS5 almost, using e92 still failed, ford, chevy, not even close, only thing is the skyline gtr- , At the end of the day its a nissan, a drivability suck. but its fast.

  19. Slick says:

    I’m enjoying the colorful commentary about one of my favorite cars. I’ve owned every M3 except the current version. Even after the test drive, I wasn’t convinced that I needed to leave my 2004 and 50K with the dealer to have less than 5 miles on the odometer and a full factory warranty. I’m a six cylinder techno head that loves the sweet whine of BMW, Porsches, and Nissan’s GTR. However, at the end of the day, BMW gets my vote for the usefulness around town or the pure curve hugging excitement on a twisty road! The Porsche Turbo’s and the GTR are a blast to drive, but in this day and age I need a car that can do it all. Test after test the M3 does more with less, has the best price value, and given to the right tuner–will stay on the bumper or out pace anything under 250K and still leave enough coins in your pocket to keep the penny pinching wife off your back, lol!

  20. Shaun says:

    I have the facelift BMW 3351 2010 convertible. How is this going to diifer with the new M3 convertibles coming out in 2014. They are going to have the same engines.
    Any comments?

  21. Shaun says:

    I have the facelift BMW 335i 2010 convertible. How is this going to diifer with the new M3 convertibles coming out in 2014. They are going to have the same engines.
    Any comments?

  22. Mickyb Com says:

    drop the v8 your having a laugh are you crazy,
    it sounds like we are going back to the 90s with the silly Turbos
    i will have to keep my v8
    sorry about the euro but it can’t be that bad surely,

    • iNoob says:

      I rather want a high reving inline 6 turbo engine then a not so high reving v8 :) but hey; we are all different. I dont think you can call them crazy just for dropping the v8..

      Remember the E34? The 540 had a 4.0 liter V8, but the M5 had a inline 6 engine 3.6-3.8 liters. So bigger is not always better ;)

      Have a nice day.

  23. ACWest says:

    The real competition here is between the M3, C 63 AMG and what looks like the USA bound Audi SR5 although I prefer the current S5 with the 4.2 ltr 345 hp V8, 6 speed manual for $20K less than the projected SR5 with a 444 hp 7 speed automatic. If BMW drops the V8 from the M3 that would be a giant step backwards and help sell the competition (dumkof’s)! I was leaning towards, and hoping for a hot new M with a long overdue face lift but it has to have that amazying V8 that makes it all it is. If not, looks like it may be the Audi, and if they get too ballzy with their pricing although I swore I’d never buy an american car again, the 2014 Vette looks real hot and how about that new ZL1 Camaro – 580 hp that actually can handle now around the track.  Wake up BMW don’t ruin a legend.  

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