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BMW Z4 | June 7th, 2010 by 7
BMW Z4 Roadster E89 Tiefseeblau Metallic UK 17 750x500

BMW UK comes to spoil the bimmer community once again with a new set of wallpapers portraying the 2010 E89 BMW Z4 Roadster. The car …

BMW UK comes to spoil the bimmer community once again with a new set of wallpapers portraying the 2010 E89 BMW Z4 Roadster. The car photographed sports the gorgeous Deep Sea Blue color that we have just seen recently on the BMW X1 as well.

The new, refreshed BMW Z4 made its debut in 2009 at the Detroit Auto Show and it was designed by two talented female designers: Juliane Blasi – exterior design, Nadia Arnaud – interior design(now at Tesla Motors).

The BMW Z4 Roadster has been considered for years one of the most passionate cars in the BMW line-up and the all-new 2010 Z4 extends that feeling even further. With every roadster built, BMW’s ultimate goal is to connect the driver with the car, offering that famed Sheer Driving Pleasure.

BMW Z4 Roadster E89 Tiefseeblau Metallic UK 11 655x418

Along with the more elegant and cohesive design, the new Z4 features some of the latest technologies developed by BMW. In a competitive segment dominated by roadsters from Porsche, Mercedes and Audi, BMW needed to demonstrate its ability to build high-performance cars that will sell not only based on style, but mostly on dynamics and pleasure of driving.

Juliane Blasi, exterior designer Z4, finds the right words to define the new roadster in a single phrase: “If the car wants to be emotional and sexy, it needs to speak the language of people and not the language of a product.” And this quote is closer to the truth that you can imagine.

BMW Z4 Roadster E89 Tiefseeblau Metallic UK 09 655x416

The two-seater Z4 illustrates the perfect roadster: long massive hood, small rear-end and muscular panels. As explained by BMW, the new Z4 has some influences, both in the exterior and interior design, from the now defunct super roadster Z8.

Like the exterior, the cabin has been completely redesigned. It is by far one of the best interior designs we have seen in a BMW to date and it has been “penned” by Nadya Arnaout, Interior Designer of the CS Concept as well. The new Z4 interior marks the return of the driver oriented dashboard, the first step in creating that connection between the car and its driver.


At its core, the Z4 still represents the image of a true roadster, a car built for high speeds over long distances and last but not least, a fun ride that brings out the joy in any driver.

BMW has proved again that they are on the right track and the shift in both interior and exterior design has been highly praised by BMW fans and not only. Sure, it doesn’t carry the M brand name on it, but with the latest sporty iteration Z4 sDrive35is, the driving experience gets closer to an M.

7 responses to “New Wallpapers: 2010 BMW Z4”

  1. Shincai says:

    Dream car!
    Beautiful wallpapers!

  2. XC says:

    I reckon it’s one of the most beautiful cars on production today. It rivals even Aston-Martin’s gorgeous cars! If only BMW made a coupé…

  3. paul says:

    ahahaha can someone think of another reason for posting new pics after almost20 months on the market other than poor sales???

    serves them right for making the Z4 such a pussie car with its electric steering and mercedes level of comfort instead of creating a proper boxter rival….i wonder if porsche is doing the same….

  4. paul says:

    i agree with XC regarding the looks…but bmw isnt a looks company…its a sporty car manufacter…remember “the ultimate driving machine”…these days its more like “the one before the penultimate driving machine”

  5. Steve Battisti says:

    I know this may be out of place, but I just had my 08 Z4 crushed from behind and pushed into another car. Geico wont total it, so now I’m considering mods. They will be replacing both bumpers, the exhaust, and nearly everything in the rear. Do any Z4 owners, or just BMW enthusiasts have any recommendations for me to make lemonade out of the lemons I’ve got courtesy of a 17 yr old texting pickup truck driver.

    FYI, BMW assist was awsome. I was temporarily unconscious and they got rescue to me within what seemed like 2 or 3 minutes. She also talked me through the wait. The car also did a nice job of saving me. I’ve got some bad headaches and my neck and mid back feel like an elephant stomped on it, but I basically walked away from a 45 or so mph crash while stopped at a light like a sitting duck.

    Also, after the crash there was some black smoke coming from under the driver’s seat. It stopped within a few seconds, I guess. (Not sure how long I was out) No airbags deployed. Any idea what that may have been?

    Any info is greatly appreicated.

    • Doug says:

      Will geico allow you to use the replacement part cost toward substitute aftermarket parts?

      I’ve always wondered if insurance (or mechanical warranty) would go along with this.

  6. Nalini Kanta Tripathy says:

    give me as a gift out of these

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