Breaking: Best Spy Photos and Videos – BMW M1 or 1M

Spy Photos | April 13th, 2010 by 69
rear right

The new BMW M1 or 1M, or who knows what it would be called, has been spotted again during some hot laps at the famous …

The new BMW M1 or 1M, or who knows what it would be called, has been spotted again during some hot laps at the famous Nurburgring. Sporting almost no camo and a widebody, the BMW M1 also features CSL wheels, a disguised roof panel and a big rear axle.

Our excitement about this trully enthusiastic M car grows within us with every new photos we see. BMW will send off the current design of the 1 Series Coupe with a BMW M version which will run in a very short production cycle, one year based on information we received.

The BMW M1, or whichever name will carry, is powered by an updated/upgraded N55 engine by the M Divison. The 1,500 kg M1 also features a high performance intercooler and the output is said to be measured at 345 horsepower.

rear right 655x345

At the front-end, the front bumper will be larger and more massive than any M-Package we have seen so far, and the usual fog lights are gone. The massive front bumper will allow air to flow for the High Performance Intercooler.

Brake air ducts will provide cooling for the six piston ceramic brake discs and the M1 showcases two ducts on the bonnet, one for air flow and the other purely for cosmetic reasons.

As seen on all the other M models, the BMW M1 will also sport wider fenders and wheels, plenty of carbon fiber elements and a visual appealing bootlid.

Two air intakes on the front wings gives the typical M-look, with the bar that incorporates the side indicator light, placed now on top instead of striking through.

According to BMW insiders, the reason behind the M1 is not to completely focus on power, but rather build a car more entertaining and thrilling to drive than any other cars that will cost twice as much. M1 will be purely about driver focus and torque.

The BMW M1 / 1M will sport the much-craved LSD (limited slip differentials).

The car will go on sale in mid 2011 and is rumored to cost about 10,000 euros more than the current 135i Coupe.

BMW M135i? from MrBTG on Vimeo.

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[Source: Bridgetogantry via AxisOfOversteer]

69 responses to “Breaking: Best Spy Photos and Videos – BMW M1 or 1M”

  1. Z3 says:

    just “is” or “si” version i think…

  2. Chicane says:

    Isn’t is not that good looking with the oversize rear fender flare while the front is not much wider?

  3. Giom says:

    Oh… the hype! I hope we’re not dissapointed. I’m guarding myself against that by not paying this proto too much attention.

  4. BMWM6 says:

    where are the 4 exhaust pipes????????????

  5. L1ndja says:

    Im tired of this.There wont be a M1 or 1M.It can not be anything more than a sport package or at most a 135is with not more then 326hp.

  6. Steven Bertz says:

    you should reword that “there will not be….” to “this is not…” unless you are a wizard. you are one of many people who make this mistake. just because this might not be the M doesnt mean there will not be another m1. there is no proof either way just hearsay

  7. T. says:

    The question you have to ask is?
    Why are BMW going to the trouble to develop M parts for this car when it is just an iS? The iS cars do not seem to have the specification as what has been discovered recently, wider rear track , LSD , Wider front track , M-Style aerodynamics , Carbon Roof – These do not make an iS.

    Regarding the name?
    We have now put the car through three focus groups now and each one the overwhelming majority have chosen “M1” over additional choices that are similar and some of the chosen groups are aware of the original M1.
    Unfortunately the car has to enter the launch programme soon so we might just have to “Bite the bullet”.

    • Z3 says:

      But this car has only the M-Package! There’s usually a difference between M bumpers and M-Package bumpers (M3, M6…) unlike “is” version, which have M-Package bumpers. And the carbon roof here could be fake, so people (like us) could speculate…

      I think it’s just is…

      • Simon B says:

        If you remember in the text it states that this M car or IS car will have a larger body kit than compared to any other m sport kit offered on a 1er currently. Also if you look at previous photo shoots there is a great deal of camoflage on the test mule. This car is clearly different as it doesn’t have the front fascia of previous mules, but does posses other characteristics that will make up this upcoming model. I’m thinking personally it will be a 135i built by the new “performance division” at BMW.
        May not be called an M1 but I think it will be an ID type model with more performance orientated equipment

    • Z3 says:

      You can’t recognize a LSD on a photo or video, and for example regular X5 uses 2 different rear tracks as well

    • Steven Bertz says:

      interesting i agree

  8. Steven Bertz says:

    all of these pictures and rumors are fun to look into but still no bmw ag official statement on the “m1” bimmer boost has someone named sticky posting about how there will never be an m1 and i asked him to show me where and when bmw ag said this or confirmed it but i just got links to edmunds instead of bmw ag. i wish the owner of this article would straighten out sticky from bimmerboost and get any proof of the m1 either way. better still i want to know what the car in the pics and vid above will be called. whoever says it is def. this or def. that is full of shit because i know there is no announcement yet. bmw needs to tell us wtf this car is and confirm or deny officially, if the m1 will be resurrected.

    • BimmerBoost says:

      What are you talking about? There is no confirmation of anything. Edmunds says no M1. BMWblog is covering both stories. M1 is a term that most likely will not be used due to the implications.

      Straighten out what exactly? A 135is may come and a Motorsport 1 series as well, there is no official confirmation of anything except for Dr. Kay Segler saying “M1” would not be used:

      • Horatiu B. says:

        Actually, it’s coming. Confirmed by lots of our sources and even unofficially by BMWNA. Can’t reveal it all yet, but it’s ok for sure and certainly not an “is” model.

        The car is built entirely by M Division and they won’t label it “is”.

        Would it be M1? 1M? No one knows yet. Votes are in though …

        • Giom says:

          If all of this is as you say, then we do have something special here.

          The other compelling evidence is the huge wheel arches. No is model has this – even on the M models, ie. M3, M5, their wheel arches are wider, but not like this.

          This is something else!

        • BimmerBoost says:

          There is a hot 1 coming of some sort, of course, but what will it be called is the whole thing?

          So you are confirming it is a Motosport model for sure?

          Will certainly be interesting to see what they call it and it would seem Edmunds got it wrong.

        • Vaybach Khan says:

          iam sure it wouldnt be a m1 labeled..if its not IS which is obvious,and its motorsport,then they will call it 1m (best solution) but never m1…or maybe something else…

          • wazon8 says:

            I am much more convinced to 135M label in similar convention as X6 M was labelled. Anyway, I agree with all of you who claim that they working too long this car as for developing only sport package for it. If some rumors are true, some features of this car exceed what “is” contain.

          • Doug says:

            Yeah, I was just going to suggest that. Except in this case…… 137M? 140 ///M?

        • Steven Bertz says:

          “no one knows yet” exactly this bimmer boost site is embarrassing itself…sorry stick you got pwned

  9. Auday says:

    where is the engine roar when exiting the corner, the engine sound is disappointing. But no surprise here since it has an N Turbo engine instead of a proper independent throttle bodies S engine.

    IIRC there was never a sports package or anything like that with changed body panels. Bumpers and spoilers yes but not actual body panels. If BMW will take that step of changing the body panels they will not fall shy of adding a bit of a boost to the Turbo and throw some badges here and there and call it an M car for better marketing. If the X5/6M project got the ok to be labeled as M Div cars then it’s hard to believe BMW would argue that this 1er is not good enough to be an M car.

    • Steven Bertz says:

      interesting…i enjoy this topic but small sites with less than 600 members like bimmerboost is hard to believe especially with a guy who uses a pen name so we cant hold him to his word. (sticky)

    • Doug says:

      Yeah the M3 (first related video at end) has a far better sound. It actually looks faster though the corner, but … maybe I should watch it again on mute ;)

  10. Lou says:

    I think we can assume that it is a car that will be produced based on Horatiu’s comments. What it’s called won’t be so important in the end. But I must agree with the comment made by Chicane. Those oversized wheels and tacky add on’s look almost cartoonish.

    • Doug says:

      I agree. Those have to be only for development purposes. Surely the 1M1///M will have its own entirely unique body panels, like the M3, not a saw-and-rivet job.

  11. T. says:

    The M3 GTS test drives by the media will be happening in the next few weeks.
    So the auto media will be descending on M amongst interviews with key M personel and of course Dr. K Segler.

    Expect the announcement that it is coming , but nothing more until later this year.

    In the rush to make it’s demographic the 1M will be launched in a similar fashion to the Tii Concept . Which means we will combine fashion with Performance with a German fashion designer to create outfits that accompany the car.
    It’s all to do with the marketing campaign which aimed at a a more youthful demographic will be the first M product launch to embrace social media.

  12. Artmic says:

    You can call it M1, or 1M, i call it ugly. :)

  13. bertzy says:

    Not lashing in the least I’m calling sticky out on his bs and completely supporting bmw blog and making certain that bimmer boost gets put in its place

  14. John says:

    Wow! I am so excited that BMW is creating something like this! Finally, BMW can create something that can allow the 1 series to compete with the Audi TT RS. Unfortunately, BMW cannot call it a M1 because they already had a car called an M1 which was a sports car that was produced from 1978 to 1981. Either way, I am extremely excited to see the car when it debuts! Thanks for posting!

    • Steven Bertz says:

      stop saying they cannot or will not call it this or that. i dont mean to embarrass you but bmw also stopped producing the 328 in 00 then brought it back so you have no need to say they will not call it m1 based on it not being around for years.

  15. viper says:

    this nothing but a pumped up 135i , called 135 is super sport , its incredible how people are stupid to think that is an M or 1M , you people are sick and ridiculous

    • Steven Bertz says:

      no viper the m1 is not a myth we obviously pay more attention to bmw ag than you. it was built once and it will be built again too much money to be made for bmw to just not make it again. In any case i look forward to you responding to this without any substance in your words. bring it

      • viper says:

        man I dont care what u say and for the recore M1 or 1M doesnt have anything to do with the original M1 , this is 1 series , and super sport version or something

        • Steven Bertz says:

          so what youre saying is you dont know what youre talking about? word. thought so

        • Steven Bertz says:

          how do you know ? you dont. i have the original m1 and several other bmws so i have more knowledge of the cars themselves. if all you have is opinions then you dont need to post anything on this site. my experience with the tech and design of these cars separates me from ignoramus’ like you. go play with legos or whatevs

  16. Steven Bertz says:

    and for the record we know this is not a exact remake the orig. m1 is a i6 rear mid and if this photo is a spy of a remake…notice i said IF…the engine is obviously in the front so its not an exact remake. now i know you will definitely respond due to weak mentality but unless you have a coherent and persuasive argument against this car just keep it to yourself. the only reason i post on here is because people make sensationalist claims on how this is not an m1 or say it def. is this or that. no one knows what this is alright? that goes for everyone. when the car is named we will know but dont hide behind a screen name and claim you know all about the inner workings of bmw ag especially motorsport dev. thank you and i look forward to your hollow argumentative response

  17. CharlieCrocker says:

    It takes more than a lick of paint to make it at thunder road, and to further add insult to injury to name it after the legendary M1 with motoring heritage is enough to send this car to the crusher. BMW on drugs again. At least get rid of the hairdresser headlights and add a quad exhaust set up to even to consider to be worthy of a contender for m sport.Resurrecting the BMW E30 M3 comes at a price.

  18. Roadster says:

    I don’t really think that BMW wil use the name ‘M1’, because of the long history of this name. Probably the ‘M1’ will be called ‘135is’, like the Z4…

  19. Car Led says:

    Wow, I smell speeding ticket!!

  20. sebo says:

    woww good smela

  21. harry says:

    Bmw Blog is the like :)

  22. D-345 says:

    whats the price range in auction… copart/ iaa??

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