BMW 1M test drive

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Video Review: BMW 1M driven by MotorWeek

MotorWeek gives a fair and thorough review of the BMW 1M. The media outlet touches on some of the things that make the 1M a great car, but also points some of its shortcomings. The…

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BMWBLOG BMW 1M European Drive Review

Some things just go together – like a horse and carriage, a mouse and cheese, and sex on the beach.  We can add to that a shiny new 1M on curvy Alpine roads.  One is just not the…

Video: BMW 1M Review by Evo

Evo Magazine brings a new video review of the 2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe. The respectable and popular UK magazine took the 1M for a spin during the press drives that took place last…

Ultimate Photo Gallery: BMW 1M on race track