BMW Makes HD Radio Standard in new BMW 5 Series

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BMW of North America, LLC today announced that the launch of the 2011 BMW 5 Series Sedan marks the first time BMW’s entire product line …

BMW of North America, LLC today announced that the launch of the 2011 BMW 5 Series Sedan marks the first time BMW’s entire product line is equipped with standard digital HD Radio Technology entertainment systems. Most of the 2011 BMW model lineup featuring the upgraded technology started production this month and will be available at dealerships by June 2010.

HD Radio Technology enables exclusive HD2/HD3 channels – added sub-channels spun off the main radio frequency – which broadcast unique, new content for avid radio listeners in local markets. These channels are found directly adjacent to the main (HD1) station on the dial. Today, there are over 2,000 radio stations in the U.S. broadcasting with HD Radio Technology, more than 1,100 of which are airing the HD2/HD3 channels.

Superior sound quality is another one of the significant benefits of HD Radio technology. BMW customers hearing HD Radio broadcasts will experience CD-quality FM sound and FM-quality AM clarity with fewer static, pops or hisses.

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BMW was one of the pioneering automotive OEMs to embrace HD Radio Technology by providing the entertainment upgrade as an option in select models in 2006. Since then, BMW has continued to expand its commitment by adding HD Radio Technology to more vehicles in its product lineup – and in 2007, BMW became the first automaker to offer factory-installed HD Radio receivers as an option across its entire product line, including the 3, 5, 6 and 7 Series, and the X3, X5 and Z4 models. In November 2008, BMW tested and validated the capability for broadcasting real-time traffic information via HD Radio stations.

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2 responses to “BMW Makes HD Radio Standard in new BMW 5 Series”

  1. fuller says:

    this is a good appeal for new customer this 5 serie will be the best car ever in term of performances and aquipment for this segment of cars

  2. Brookside says:

    The automobile companies, including BMW who can be counted on to introduce cutting-edge technology to every new model, just can’t keep up with the advances in entertainment options that continue to out-pace their ability to add them to our cars. How long did it take BMW to offer the most basic plug-in for iPods- and we’re still paying premium for a USB port to synch external programming sources. Don’t get me wrong- standard Hi-Def radio is cool…and a real improvement in sonic fidelity but the user is limited to what’s available over-the-air in their region.

    What should happen- I’d love to see BMW enter into partnerships with 21st Century entertainment technology companies- If Ford is smart enough to partner with Microsoft- why not BMW with Apple?

    I’ve got an iPod 32 GB Touch…thru my WiFi connections at home and work I can pull in Pandora (design your own radio stations based on your preferences in music), Shoutcast ( international live streaming of radio stations from around the world…you want to listen to a Berlin radio station that programs bossa-nova?..a Norwegian heavy metal station…got that), an app that adds nearly 1,000 NPR stations with live-streaming programming…there’s some really cool stuff out there at college stations with really creative playlists- especially if you’re a nite-owl like myself; all for free.

    Once WiFi becomes free and available to all (and essentially it will simply because there is so freakin’ much money to be made thru advertising) entertainment selections for the mobile consumer will become even more tailored-more individual (currently Pandora runs 30 second ads every 4 songs based on genomic logirhythms so that the ad you hear is targeted to your consumer profile).
    If I hook my iPod up to the USB port in my car I don’t get a WiFi signal- but that’ll change and when it does- our experience of what we prefer changes and expands.

    In the meantime- thanks BMW for HiDef radio…which might be the beginning of the last hope of over-the-air FM radio.

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