BMWBLOG to Interview Jack Pitney, VP of Marketing BMW NA – Submit Your Questions About The Joy Campaign

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“Joy is BMW” – one of the recent marketing slogans coming from BMW and at the same time, a very controversial one. For years BMW …

“Joy is BMW” – one of the recent marketing slogans coming from BMW and at the same time, a very controversial one. For years BMW North America has been defining their vehicles as the “Ultimate Driving Machine”, one of the most powerful and iconic marketing tagline in the automotive industry. With the launch of their newest products, BMW 1 Series, X1 and the redesigned Z4, the marketing campaigns seemed to have steered from its core branding towards the “Joy” element, and its derivatives: “Expression of Joy”, “Joy is Boundless”, “Joy is Racing” or “Story of Joy”.

The apparent shift in BMW’s marketing strategy has caused some distress in the loyal and numerous BMW community, especially due to an unfounded report that the “Ultimate Driving Machine” slogan is being phased out.

To get an official and final statement on the aforementioned marketing campaigns, we went straight to the source.

Jack Pitney 063006 655x8551

Jack Pitney, Vice President of Marketing, BMW North America, has offered to sit down with us and take some questions live from our audience.

For the first in the history of BMWBLOG, we will offer a live video interview with Mr. Pitney which will be broadcasted on our website at, as well as on

The interview will take place on March 26th beginning at 12:30 EST (11:30 CST; 9:30 PST).

Starting today until Thursday, March 25th, we will be taking your questions through the comment form below, as well as on our Twitter and Facebook pages. A set of questions will be compiled and Mr. Pitney will respond live during our webcast.

During the same webcast, we will be taking a few more questions through the chat room available embedded on our page or at

Please join us next Friday, spread the word and again, thank you for your support.

Below, we have a statement from Jack Pitney, VP of Marketing at BMW North America.

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To my fellow BMW enthusiasts:

I’m writing today to clarify some unfortunate miscommunication that began several weeks ago. Precipitated by an erroneous report in the Wall Street Journal and followed by the national television introduction of our new advertising campaign, some have speculated that we are getting rid of our iconic “Ultimate Driving Machine” brand claim. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In the end it is a brand’s products that define it within the marketplace, and never has this adage been more true than at BMW. For more than eight decades our engineers have defined their mission as bringing the joy of driving to life. Put succinctly, to build the Ultimate Driving Machine. This has been, and continues to be, BMW’s core mission. And this is why our Ultimate Driving Machine brand claim has endured… it is founded on a truth that remains as relevant today as when the company was first founded.

Through our new advertising campaign we celebrate the core mission of the BMW brand; to bring the joy of driving to life. It is the end-result of the Ultimate Driving Machine.

I remain thankful that I work for a company with such a clear sense of purpose. And I remain even more thankful that we have such a devoted family of owners that are so keen to protect and defend the brand. Thank you for that.

For those interested, I invite you to join me in an on-line chat regarding our new campaign as well as some of the exceptional new products soon coming to market. With 19 new models launching over the next twelve months, we at BMW are uniquely placed to capitalize on the momentum in the market.

Thank you again for your continued enthusiasm. Truly, there is only one Ultimate Driving Machine.


Jack Pitney

Vice President, Marketing

BMW of North America

Jack Pitney Biography

Jack Pitney, Vice President, Marketing, joined BMW of North America in 1995. Working at the company’s headquarters for North America, he is currently responsible for marketing and product development for the BMW brand in the United States.

Prior to this position, Pitney was Vice President of MINI, where he spearheaded the brand’s reintroduction to the United States. Previous to this, Pitney was head of Corporate Communications, where he was responsible for BMW of North America’s overall communications strategies, media and analyst relations, TV and film product placement, and U.S. employee communications.

Before joining BMW of North America, LLC, Pitney worked at Mazda Motor of America’s US headquarters in California as Manager, Corporate Communications.

Pitney has previously worked as Vice President at Hill and Knowlton, Los Angeles, heading the Mazda account and as Vice President at GCI Group/Los Angeles where he oversaw the launch of Infiniti, Nissan’s luxury car division.

Pitney began his public relations career in New York City where he worked for Ruder Finn Public Relations, Hill Holliday Connors Cosmopulos Advertising, and Bauer & Rosner Marketing Communications.

Pitney began his career in the advertising department at a local newspaper in Brooklyn, New York.

Pitney earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Occidental College. He was born in Stamford, CT in 1963.

27 responses to “BMWBLOG to Interview Jack Pitney, VP of Marketing BMW NA – Submit Your Questions About The Joy Campaign”

  1. Chris Kean says:

    BMW is all about joy of driving and performance , but what about improving quality and reliability, especially in the 3 series model.

  2. bob says:

    “For those interested, I invite you to join me in an on-line chat regarding our new campaign as well as some of the exceptional new products soon coming to market. With 19 new models launching over the next twelve months, we at BMW are uniquely placed to capitalize on the momentum in the market.”

    Super! Does that include the M1 or “1M”, according to the “slippery insider” featured elsewhere on bmwblog?

  3. jan Bottcher says:

    Since 2006 when i started to loo for a new car ( BMW being the chice because of the manual stick shift ) talking to BMW people, going to auto shows I came to the conclusion that I will not find a satisfaction with any of the models offered.
    I am an owner on 2008 M3 coupe which is a fantastic car but unless it is used on a track is a complete waste on the North American roads. My dream is to buy a convertible series 3 with a diesel engine. At least what will satisfy me would be seiries 3 coupe diesel. None of these cars is available to the customers in USA or Canada. To my suprise Australia BMW with so much smaller populatation and market bring models available in Europe. Can anybody explain to me the reasoning why that is so ? As a marketing executive have you considered the expectation of the BMW clients ? From talking to different agents in the Vancouver area B.C. Canada very often I hear there is an interest in diesel engine cars but BMW does not supply those cars. The conclusion is that BMW does not listen to BMW dealers and clients. How can that be ? I take a great interest in the motor world and I am angry to read about the availability of cars which I cannot buy. If you want to put a big smile on my face like yours please listen and answer the demands of BMW faithfull clients that demand wide rande of models in Canada and USA especially the DIESEL engine cars. What are you doing to improve the situation that has not changes in years. The two ( 2 ) diesel engine cars you offer is a slap in the face. I am not interested in a four door sedan. Please take my comments to heart and do something about. YOu will deservr a praise and you can justify your executive salary. Otherwise all it is a big sham !
    Yours faithfully
    Jan Bottcher

  4. BMWM6 says:

    I remember when BMW ads had pretty women in the women
    That was good marketing

  5. Arthur Curry says:

    I really enjoy the ALMS and how the Joy is Racing video gave a glimpse inside the team. Does BMW have any plans to do more throughout the season? I know Corvette Racing and the Patron team do. I would love to see BMW make more like this one!

  6. Of course, let’s not forget that BMW AG’s official tagline is Freude am Fahren, the Joy of Driving. This (“Freude” or “Joy”) hasn’t really been used terribly much in the U.S. even though it’s been around about as long as the Ultimate Driving Machine.

    It’s nice to see it making an appearance and it sounds as if BMW NA has found a way to integrate it nicely into its messaging.

  7. Tom Hegedosh says:

    Mr. Pitney,

    I’ve only seen or heard about the “Joy” campaign through I understand that companies are moving towards cheaper and more focused advertising, but why does a corporation with a large marketing budget like BMW abstain from making an impact on print media and TV ads?

  8. Matther Mostafaei says:

    Mr. Pitney,

    I am a die hard BMW fan/enthusiast/owner and would love to one day work for BMW. I’m currently a junior in college majoring in mechanical engineering, what would be some good steps to put me on the path to working for BMW in the future. Any advice you can give would be great.



  9. Josh Weber says:

    Will there be a M version of the current 1 series? I love my 135i and think it would be a brilliant platform for the M treatment

  10. Kyle K says:

    It’s generally a joy to drive my 335i when I have it. The problem is that in the 9 months I’ve had it, it’s been in the shop 1 month for over $10k in warranty work. I’m just thankful for the high level of service Apple BMW provides – especially loaner cars. Can you offer extended warranties on 3-series for non-original owners?

  11. Jenny says:

    When we will be seeing a wider range of diesel offerings and other high-mileage BMWs in this country? Can we expect the prices to come down on the diesel? It’s prohibitively expensive now.

  12. Nick N says:

    Dear Mr. Pitney:

    I recently read an article in Autoblog that stated BMW was developing front wheel drive for its small car range. Does this refer to the MINI or are there truly plans to make a front wheel drive car with a BMW badge?

    Could you please elaborate on this decision? Why not retain rear wheel drive and utilize more lightweight composite materials and smaller displacement engines with aggressive turbocharging strategies to achieve the fuel economy gains?

    Yours Sincerely,
    Nick N

  13. Gil says:

    Please mention (or ask, or poke him) about the run-flat tires stuff. They should make it an option, instead of standard equipment. I’ve owned 3 BMWs so far, but It’s holding me back from purchasing another one. I frequently drive thru the boonies up to Canada, and nobody has run-flat tires if it happens to break. That’s scary! Thank you!

  14. A C says:

    3 Series Hardtop Convertible with 6 Speed Manual with the 2.0L High Torque Diesel without the use of urea injection addictive is what I want (we need) in the US and Canada. Volkswagen and Audi have that High Torque Diesel engine which do not need the urea injection addictive, I think BMW should be able to as well if not better.

  15. My question: The BMW Joy campaign looks like it could be from Honda, Nissan, or GM. It lacks any true brand distinction. It turns BMW into a brand that appeals to everyone which has the side effect of losing the performance customer BMW as fostered over many decades. Tell me how I’m wrong and in what way do you think the campaign reaches BMW fans/enthusiasts?

  16. Njave says:

    When will, or to be more honest, will BMW ever rejoin the rallying world? Thanks, that’s one piece of information that would be nice to know :)

  17. Randy B says:


    Watching the recent Winter Olympics I noticed a heavy buy each night of the brand’s “Story of BMW” campaign. Kudos for including the M3 track shot near the close of the US version of the ad. How did the ad run perform in relation to demographics and what key measurements were you looking to impact?

    Also, I have noticed that many of the regional dealer body associations are running region specific ads which seem out of step with previous brand messaging. Is this a new trial direction or just a result of bringing a portion of national and regional advertising direction under Universal McCann?

    Thank you!

  18. Joern Esser says:

    First let me tell you shortly that I,m born and did grow up in Munich. I’m a joyful driver and BMW enthusiast that is on the ground level meeting lot’s of customers that are looking to buy new cars. Yes, I’m a client adviser at Passport BMW.
    Let me get to my questions (and commends).
    1. When will BMW N.A. go back to the ruts of BMW AG and put emphasis on a fun to drive vehicle built to excellent quality standards?
    BMW N.A. Has then emphasis here to much on power! Car people do not just want to see the two most powerful engines in the line up. Car people don’t buy a vehicle because it is part of a luxury brand. It is nice for some people to get the leather, but car people are better off with cloth seats.(I would rather have cloth than leather)
    Car people would like a superior handling vehicle with good power band and great fuel efficiency. (1 Series 5door with 2.0d around $25k to start)
    2. When will BMW N.A. bring the 3.0d or 3.5d in the GT?
    If is amazing to see that it almost gets double the mileage of the 550GT, how can you miss this part? If we do not get a better gas mileage the GT will just bee seen in the show rooms and will go down as the biggest flop ever. (I think we do not have much options here, since America was not looking for this vehicle)
    With all I said my question is: When will BMW bring us the 2.0d engine in the whole lineup?
    The joy event it a great thing, since this is about the passion of a driver. When he/she corners hard and has a big smile on his/her face! Don’t show little children behind the steering but the youth on the track. I got an abundant of thoughts, but have to get ready for a busy day, many greetings Jörn.

  19. bob says:

    joy would be a retractable hardtop3 series with AWD

  20. DJ says:

    As a BMW veteran and proud owner of an E46 M3 ultimate driving machine. I wasn’t exactly sure about this new Joy campaign. I thought it was only a European movement. So, I went on a covert op to Germany in search of it and this is what I found:

  21. Vas says:

    120xd – 5 door all wheel drive with 2l outstanding BMW turbo diesel engine will have very long list of orders.
    and 135d – hatchback will also be a very hot item with incredible BMW bi-turbo diesel
    North American car buyers switching from SUVs into small cars. There is no available Audi A3 TDI on any dealer lot!
    What BMW marketing is thinking?!?

  22. Tavi says:

    Dear Mr. Pitney,

    When will BMW NA bring either the 118d or the 120d ??. It’s a shame that we still can get this cars here in the US. They get VERY good mileage compared to everything including many hybrids, and they’re fun to drive too.

    Please get over the whole E36 318ti “issue” from the 90’s and bring the hatchback’s here. BMW won’t loose any brand recognition if you bring all of the 1 Series cars, specially the diesel’s.

    I’m loyal to the brand having 4 BMWs including 3 M3s right now, but wouldn’t mind a 1 Series diesel for my wife and/or son. And no, I wouldn’t think any less of BMW as a brand if you bring the 1 Series diesels/hatchbacks cars. Things like the X6 M or X5 M make me think less of BMW as a brand, not more. Please stop following Mercedes-Benz AMG’s steps with the high power trucks.


  23. So says:

    Ultimate Driving Machine . not a car . Created to live by love

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