MINI Cooper owner finds the solution for run-flat tire problem

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mini cooper spare tire MINI Cooper owner finds the solution for run flat tire problem

Regular tires vs. run-flat tires…..what a heated discussion this has been in the past few years and one of the ongoing topics here at BMWBLOG. …

Regular tires vs. run-flat tires…..what a heated discussion this has been in the past few years and one of the ongoing topics here at BMWBLOG. Clearly after 70 comments left, majority of you favor the regular tires with the ol’ good spare sitting in the trunk.

Or…attached to the trunk?

Our friend Kamil over at CarGuyDad spotted recently an….let’s just say for now, interesting MINI Cooper. Nothing out of ordinary until now, right? Wait, we’re not there yet. What really makes this MINI so special in the spare tire attached to its trunk. YES, you read it right, no typo this time.

mini cooper spare tire MINI Cooper owner finds the solution for run flat tire problem

Before we will give some a speech on the advantages of a run-flat tire and of course, the cons, let’s see what CarGuyDad had to say about this.

Another issue on many new cars, such as the Mini Cooper, is simply the lack of proper space for a spare-tire. That however clearly did not stop the owner of the above Mini Cooper S. Looking closely you will notice that the spare tire tilts down on a Jeep Wrangler-like-carrier/contraption to allow access to the tailgate. Problem solved! And in a classy way might I add, as the exterior spare tires gives Mini an even more retro look which is that of a car from 1920’s to the 1950’s. Bravo, Real [Short] Man of Genius from Massachusetts! Today We Salute You, Mr. “I have Nothing to Overcompensate for!”

Quite ingenious, huh? Or was it a simple protest to the lack of a spare tire as a standard feature?

Here are some disadvantages of using run-flat tires, cons that turn into pros of using a regular tire:

 MINI Cooper owner finds the solution for run flat tire problem

  1. The run-flat tires (RFT) can usually not be repaired in the case of a puncture, so instead of a simple puncture costing $20, you’ve got to replace the whole tire.
  2. RFTs can malfunction, defeating their intended purpose to begin with, or be damaged in such a way that getting the typical 150mi@50mph is no longer possible.
  3. Run-flats are more expensive to buy, more expensive to install and offer poorer performance.
  4. Lifespan is half of that of normal (even with regular monitor of pressures).
  5. Costs 50% more than normal tires on average.
  6. The ride is more uncomfortable, especially if you have 17″ upwards.
  7. Increase the running costs of ownership. Normally a tire lasts you a good average of 50,000 miles (80,000 km).
  8. Not all tire shops have RFT
  9. Unpleasant ownership as you always have to worry about getting a puncture and always hoping that the warning does not appear.

Tire Rack

Reasons to use run-flat tires

  1. It is dangerous to stop on any road to change a tyre, especially on a motorway or at night.
  2. There is no need to have to wait for a breakdown service to arrive.
  3. Safety and security of the driver and passenger(s) is maintained.
  4. Alloy wheels are difficult to detach from steel hubs.
  5. On most cars the spare is under the contents of the boot, and uses boot space.
  6. It can be tricky to line up the wheel bolt holes with the hub screw holes and match the thread.
  7. The dirty punctured tyre needs to be removed and stored in the boot.
  8. Another puncture before the punctured tyre is mended means one is stranded.
  9. A driver can continue for 150 miles at 50mph with a punctured Run-flat tyre.

  • Rose

    I have a mini cooper d clubman with run flat tyres. Apart from being a bit noisy, I would like to know how they perform against a normal tyre in snow, rain & dry conditions ? thanks.

  • Bill

    How can i find one of these rear tire carriers! PLEASE!

    • Tan

      Me too!!! Anyone know??

    • camper doodles

      I heard has them. I am going to check and see. I saw a post on where someone had to alter their muffler for a spare tire carrier and I don’t want to have to go through that, so I’m going to contact Mini Fini directly to make sure that doesn’t need to be done.

  • Archi

    I’m 61 and my previously owned 2004 Mini Cooper s is my first sports car ever. The car is a lot of fun, yes, but in my ignorance, I was not aware that there is no spare in the car. The runflats are due for replacement, and I hate the ride they give, so like so many of us I am faced with mounting conventional tires and hoping I never have a blowout. My solution is to buy one replacement air pressure sensor (approx. $90) and stow a can of Fix-Flat in the car. Anybody got a better solution?

    • Jdljm

      The tire does swing down but the boot hatch swings up.
      Check out the Mini-Fini site here for this product:
      You can watch a video of it in action here:

    • Focushere

      go to wal-mart and buy one of those cheap tire compressors that plug into the cigarette lighter (less than 20 bucks)  and a tire plug kit with a good set of needle nose pliers and keep it a gym bag with your fix a flat and your good to go. if you have low pressure sensors you can check for puntures quickly and repair them with the plug kit before too much damage occurs. I have elimintated the need to change a flat because of this method for years.

    • Fred

      I replaced my run-flats with conventional tires, and I’m really pleased with the ride. I’ve heard of some Honda Civic mini-spares that fit over my S rear brakes, but couldn’t find any, so I bought a mini spare from detroittuned for $118. It works great.

  • Lori

    How do they open the trunk with the tire mounted on the rear??

    • Tan

      I guess the tyre hangs down and the trunk opens downwards.

  • Tan

    I knew nothing about the RFT until I bought my mini (second hand) and the BMW dealer told me over the phone after my car’s 1st service (55000kms) that all 4 tyres needed replacing. So in love with my car and not knowing anything about tyres, I did exactly what he told me and agreed to 4 new run flat tyres……. When I paid the invoice and nearly had a heart attack plus maxing out my credit card all at the same time (just over AUD$2500 for just the tyres and AUD$1500 for service), I managed to get the breath I needed to ask why the tyres cost so much, he told me they were needed for this vehicle as they are specialist tyres blah blah blah….. Since then the dealers price is no cheaper and I have shopped around to find that RFT can cost as low as $189ea this includes the balancing, fitting and tubeless valves. This is AUD$756 for all 4 RF tyres.
    I have made great use of my RFT as I have unfortunately had to drive around for the past 7 months with a puncture in one of the rear tyres, couldn’t afford to replace it until now as I have just found the above prices. So apart from the annoyance of having to check the pressure 1 or 2 times a week (when the warning sensor goes off) I really think the RFT are a good thing for small car and Mini owners where a spare is not available in your time of need, or you are unable to afford new tyres right away or not in a position to change the spare for a little while. For what I drive RFT are suitable and easier, there is nothing wrong with regular tyres at all, I think it depends on the situation of your vehicle.

    • Tan

      Oh I should add that I have just had my 2nd service for the Mini and again the dealer advised I needed new tyres for AUD$2400. Ha hahaha. I told him I’d look into it and let him know…

    • Kj Strach

      Hi tan, i currently find myself in the same situation as yourself however have told BMW they can think again about replacing them. i also live in Australia(Brisbane) however have called around and the best i can get for a single tire is $480. would love to know where you got your $189 quote from ?


      • Jill

        Run flat tyres in Australia: (195/55R16 87V……..go for 87V as opposed to 87H – it’s somewhat cheaper!!)
        Pirelli (Bob Jane T-Marts $315)
        Bridgestone (Bob Jane 226ea)
        I was quoted $443 ea from Auto Classic in Perth and was lead to believe that they were the only place to get tyres for my mini…..I’ve had a win by looking elsewhere.

  • eduardo milieris

    I own a 2006 Mini S . The ride is uncomfortable on NYC bad streets and it is time to change them. Can I change the tires without having to change the wheels? Any recommendations for regular tires?

    • TinyTerror

      Mini Cooper cars do not have special rims that only accept run flat tires. You can put plain ol 17″ tires…just remember, there’s no place to put your spare! 

  • wheel balancer

    Based on my experience,run flat tyres can be an emergency help to still drive at a lower speed,enough to go home or nearest shop to fix your problem.On the other hand,it may seriously damage your tyres which cost more.

  • eduardo milieris

    Everybody has a different opinion on changing to regular tires. The messages I left at my dealership ( MINI of Manhattan ) were ignored and unanswered , not even the courtesy of returning the call after buying a 30K car from them . I am TIRED of the rough ride on the RFT’s . any tire expert can recommend a brand and model number to change for my 16”’s? thank you .

    • Ron Mapes

      On my Cooper S I replaced the rims with aftermarkets one inch smaller and replaced with a radial sized to compensate for rolling diameter. Keep a can of Fix-a-Flat handy. So far so good.

  • Jim

    This whole discussion is somewhat absurd for several reasons. First of all, let’s consider the likelihood of a blowout using either one of the tires mentioned (run flat vs regular radials). I’ve had steel belted radial tires on every single vehicle/sports car that I’ve owned since 1972, starting with a 1965 Austin Healey 3000. Never have I experienced a blowout. Leaking air pressure is another thing, largely due to alloy rims which are notorious for this. The Mini was outfitted with RF’s only because there is no room for a spare. The Mini S also has very low profile tires…45’s. Add the alloy rims and the chance of damaging the tires or the rims from contact with curbs is much higher. What’s truly insulting is the cost of replacing either of these things. I would recommend going to standard radials of a slightly larger size…55’s, to achieve a much better ride and then buy a AAA membership. Chances are pretty good that you won’t have to use it and you’ve saved what looks like a substantial amount of money.

    • Traci

      I have had a blowout in a runflat, running around 75mph , hit a major pot hole in interstate 95. Scared the h*ll out of me but the car stayed on the road. I got home driving a bit gingerly for the 15 miles or so.

      However, this is the 2nd time in a year that I’ve damaged a runflat *and* bent the wheel hitting potholes. The first time was when I was driving the car home after purchasing it! The repair bills for buying rims/tires is getting way too costly. I’ve just ordered 4 new non-runflats and new wheels for just a little more than what I would have paid for one tire.

    • Jill

      …what you say is pertinant to the driving conditions your mini is subjected to. I wouldn’t get anything else other than RFT’s. We live in the country and drive on isolated gravel roads where there is no AAA membership available. Mini’s came with RFT’s for a reason & it’s not only the lack of boot space….they’re for people who would rather not risk the AAA (our RAC) being 500km away or who drive in conditions where punctures are more likely to occur.

      • Jill

        Oh…and by the way, if you look carefully under the mini, there is actually a space allocated for a spare tyre should you go down this pathway.

        • RFT Replacer

          Yes there is. I have a 2006 Mini and it came with a full RFT spare! However, Mini was very prudent in providing this as I used it my first year of owing the vehicle. When I realized the costliness of replacing an RFT, I purchased a tire and wheel guarantee warranty. However, now that I know I can replace RFT for conventional tires, I will be doing so as the price and annoyance is more costly than pulling over for a few minutes and changing the tire.

  • Bill

    Jim is exactly correct. Blowouts are very rare, regardless, even if YOU DO have run-flat tires, if you don’t find a tire dealer who can match YOUR tires within 50 miles after a run-flat puncture, you’re still out of luck anyway. My experience has been that run-flats are special order. My solution was to buy a smooth riding tire, 215/40R17XL Capital Sport, and keep a can of Fix-A-Flat in the trunk. My rims don’t have low pressure sensors, so there’s no harm done if I have to use it and, unless the damage is a total blow out, I’m good. I have AAA road service, so I think I’m pretty well covered. All that being said, my ’04 “S” is for sale.

    • mags

      I have barely ever had a flat in my life. I had my first within three months of owning my 2010 mini with the run flat tires AND it cost me close to 700 bucks at the BMW dealership in Edmonton. I was choked! But as I was on vacation, no choice but to pay the bill. Now one year later I have another flat which they patched and it has taken the BMW dealership 3 weeks to get a run flat tire. I am done with these run flats. I live in BC and am planning on buying a set of standard tires when I am in the states next month

  • car dvd player

    Some run-flat tires have a 20% higher rolling resistance, in part due to their added structural material and mass.Sometimes it helps especially if the repair shop was a bit far.Just to go there and have your tires fix,run flat tyres can be an initial resolution.

  • Shaz

    I have a mini cooper s. When I was driving on the motorway yesterday the yellow tyre pressure symbol came on. so i pulled in to the services to check pressure and filled up accordingly. However the light is still flashing what can i do to reset it.

    Your advice would be much appreciated.


    • miss cooper

      Shaz it must be the full moon, the exact same thing happened to me on the same day. Also need response on how to re=set.

    • Otterpmpkn

      Know this is probably a little late to help you out but you need to fill the tire and then reset the gauge. For my 2004 MINI S the reset button is under the parking brake. Turn the car off, turn the key only until all of the warning light come on or so you can listen to the radio, push the rest button for about 10 seconds until the light goes off. Sometimes it takes until I restart the car for the light to go off.

  • eduardo milieris

    You can follow the instructions in the manual. If it doesn’t work, take it to the dealer like I had to do. It was a defect , and the button was stuck.

    • Terrence Greene

      can I ask how much they charged you to unstick it ?? mine came on 2 days ago and also appears to be stuck was wondering if i can fix it myself(06 r53)Thanks Terry

  • Shaz

    Hi Miss Cooper

    I found the answer. If you have the mini cooper 04 plate or similar look under your handbrake. There is a button with the same tyre pressure symbol on it that comes on on the dash board. Make sure your tyres are at the right pressure then turn your ignition key to the 2nd position not fully that the engine comes on then hold the button under the handbrake for about 1 min until the tyre pressure light on the dashboard stops flashing and is just lit. Once this happens turn off your ignition and start it again and miraculously the light will have gone off. Hope it works for you.


  • Katie

    Hi All,

    I have a 2008 Mini Cooper S and have been debating what to do with this runflat issue. I finally decided that its just not worth the money to me to purchase new runflats. However when I took the car to a tire place to have them replaced, for some reason my tire pressure light is still on. I know above Shaz explained the trick for and 04. But does anyone know the trick for an 08’?


  • Andrew Littleford

    What are the best prices for runflats in Melbourne that people have found. I am being quoted $379 each for Pirelli’s. The sensor on the front failed to go off and I now have to replace my tyre on each side at the front. Can i run runflats on the back and non-runflats on the front. Does anyone have any suggestions for good non-runflats to run on the mini ?

  • Steve Winterton

    1. Start the engine but do not start driving.
    2. Briefly press the button in the turn indicator lever repeatedly until “SET/INFO” is displayed.
    3. Press and hold the button until the display changes.
    4. Briefly press the button repeatedly until the corresponding symbol and “RESET” are displayed.
    5. Press and hold the button until the display changes.
    6. Start driving.

  • Vince

    Good discussion here. What about these aftermarket spares? Are they hard to mount underneath. Will they fit on a convertible? I’m not putting more runflats on this MINI. They are noisy, ride rough, lower gas mileage, way too expensive, and questionably better.

  • Philip TALBOT

    I replaced the run flats on my wife’s Mini Cooper S with Yokahamas and it was the best thing I ever did – better ride, quieter ride, better handling. Visit to learn more and see what dramas I had with the rft on my M6


    finally I put 4 new continental conti pro contact ( non run flat) , and I am very happy with the change. Hopefully this will help somebody and save hours of research .I paid 150 each all included.

  • Stuts

    Save hyour breath(s). A web site sells a spare tire kit that will fit in MOST mini’s spare wheel well. They also have the styrofoam insert to replace the original. Expensive, but it gives me peace of mind, and I will NEVER have to deal with RF’s again. Stuts

  • Karen

    I had two new Goodyear run flats on my 2002 Mini Cooper two years ago and have done about 15k miles on them and they are in desperate need of replacing. Tread nearly down to legal limit!!!!! Is this a reasonable amount of time for the tires to last, bearing in mind they cost me just over £100 each I would have thought they would last a lot longer. Should I consider reverting to normal tyres? The back tyres are still like new and have been on the car since I bought it over two years ago!

  • Drew

    Why not just put tyre sealant in normal tyres? That’s what I do in Malta!

  • philip

    can you put 205 17 55 on a cooper s instead of the 205 45 17 run flat looking 4 abetter ride would the 55 rub or change the speedo

  • eddie

    Replaced my 2006 Cooper RSC (Run-flat Self Contained) tyres with Falken Ze-912 195/55R16. Immediately experienced a much confortable ride – lesser noise and much smoother (not bumpy).

  • Gordon Powell

    to phillips, take a look at this website will answer your query


  • Steve

    I had a Mini S 06, if you rotate the tires every 6k, the run flats will last longer!
    You can drive over 50 miles with R/F, in fact I drove 500 miles, the inner part of the tire
    went bald, lucky the wheel stayed on. The light indicator failed.
    Direct Tire, has excellent prices for the R/F’s. Safety is the only reason to keep them!

  • emmy

    looks like the spare tire is mounted on a tow hitch, kinda like a bike carrier on a hitch. pretty cool…a truly space saver.

  • Rami

    I got a question, When you guys replaced your runflats with radials, what did u guys do about the sensors that come along with the runflats?

  • Traci

    I replaced the runflats that came on my 2009 Clubman S with non – runflats, and I had the TPMS taken off of the original wheels and mounted on the new ones. Other people have just put regular valve stems in, and that works fine, but the light stays on in the dashboard and I didn’t want to look at it all the time, or cover it with electrical tape like I read one person did.

    I did not realize until today that the TPMS is attached to the wheels and not the tires. So, unless you are replacing your wheels, you should not have to buy them again.

  • Kate

    I’m on my second mini, 2 friends also have a 2011 mini. We are all very proud that we each only had to replace one tire this winter. Last winter I had to replace all 4 tires. This is my last mini.

  • Rodonisle

    Wife is never going to change ANY tire – that is why we have an AAA membership and cell phones.  The RFT are not needed for her, don’t last and are uncomfortable on such a short wheeled car – and I can fix regular punctures without paying anyone. 

  • Jcluz08

    After realizing the 2012 Minis did not include a spare but only run-flats, I canceled my order for a 2012 convertible. Having had run-flats on my 2005 Mini I spent $1K on four replacements in 2009. Then $1K between 2006-2008. It seems they’re more fragile than regular tires. 

    Once I replaced the run-flats with regular tires the ride has been smoother, gas mileage better, and I haven’t had any flat tires or road emergencies. I would never go back to run-flats for those reasons. I don’t understand why Mini is locking their customers into run-flats when they have a shoddy reputation. I love this rack. Where can I get one so I can re-place my 2012 convertible order!?

  • Jcluz08

    Does anyone know how much something like this affects the gas mileage? Thanks in advance for your feedback:

  • Jcluz08

    I just created a group on Facebook regarding the return of the spare tire option. Hoping to get Mini to provide a spare tire option in future models, as the 2012’s only ride on run-flat tires.

  • Astanyer

    Hello everyone, I hope someone can help me out there…..I have a mini Cooper s 2008 sidewalk and are looking to replace my two front tyres …. They are 205 45 17 RF ….. Can I change these to normal tyres and keep my two remaining RFs on the rear of the car or should I pay the extra and have RFs on my front wheels …… By the way I have done a lot of running and ringing around in Brisbane and these RFs are costly and u have to wait at least 48-72hrs to get them ….. Help would be appreciated …. Andy S

  • Mikeinlaca

    Never a run flat again. The darn thing went FLAT. So much for run flat. Price? 3 times a real tire. $450 to replace. The night my run flat ran flat the only tire dealer open did not have any. Had to stay over night in a motel till the expensive replacement arrived. I now have regular Bridgestones.

    • Debbrow56

      did you also have to change your wheels when you put regular tires on your car?

  • Bob

    I am new to the tire air pressure sensor system.  Is there anything special about changing a tire with this system?

    • john171

      Just changing the tire is no different, replacing the tire on the rim should be done by a shop that is familiar with RF and MINIs.

  • Lake

    i have a 2007 mini cooper s and I mounted a spare tire under the car. Here is how I did it:

  • Robert Lindberg

    Tires on my wife’s Mini Cooper S need to be replaced at less than 6000 miles.  I find this highly unusual — anyone have an answer or similar problem?

  • Robert Lindberg

    Tires on my wife’s Mini Cooper S need to be replaced at less than 6000 miles.  I find this highly unusual — anyone have an answer or similar problem?

  • LMLP9146

    Pros and cons..are you serious? I might get dirty? Out of nine “pro” run flats I am hard pressed to agree with a single point.  Only 50% more in cost? Please they are even more than that. Consider 50% less useful life (which is GENEROUS), now compare tire prices and the price differential is substantially more. 3 sets of tires within 48K miles AND two winters on snow tires???  What a serious mistake by BMW and Mini. Most damaging to the cause for run flats is the apparent corporate email from BMW Finance today stating that going forward they will no longer penalize drivers of leased Mini’s being returned WITHOUT the run flats! There could be little more damaging evidence against run flats. Right that’s BMW Finance not BMW or Mini, but please… When does this policy extend to BMW’s?

  • Sanjeev Pasricha

    i have recently bought a 5 series BMW , in India , and i wanted to share my horrifying experience with RFT`S, and after sales service of BMW india ,  It would be pertinent to mention , that In
    the past few  months after the purchase the ,


    •  Car
    has spend more  than a month in the workshop.

    •  Several parts
    have been either changed or replaced in this span of four months which
    clearly depicts that a very poor quality / manufacturing defects in he vehicle
    delivered . .

    •   Three
    tyres bursted in a life threatening manner , in two months of

    •   Almost
    every week  I have spend several hours  on resolving  this
    unscheduled  breakdowns , in either putting in complaint or sending the
    car to the workshops ,  for repair and maintenance.

    •  Repeated
    problems of the similar nature in the car (
    noise in the steering wheel  and wobbling on braking the car) 

    experiencing all this, it appear that there is some serious  technical /
    manufacturing deficiency in the car provided and I and my family feel that it
    is  dangerous to either sit  or drive in this  car ( as a result
    of several tyre bursts and malfunctioning /unrespeonsive brakes issues that
    have repeated itself) .

    The inability to diagnose and find out the main
    technical flaw for over two weeks but the BMW qualified teams , conveys that
    there seems to be some  technical issue / manufacturing defect , of a
    serious nature and appears that the  car is on the clinical
    trial in the BMW worshop where the engineers try and repair it by hit and trial
    method at my  expense. 



    Hope the above clearly narrates the experiences
    that I have had after spending  on this overpriced , under delivering
     piece of metal , which is bringing shame to the claims made by BMW India

  • Carguy

    Here’s another article by TireVan about the MINI run-flat dilemma

  • treed

    I own a ’06 mini cooper S with run-flat tires, bought new dec.’05 I have replaced the tires, 2 @ a time 4 times now, two sets in 6 years – 70,000 miles on the odometer, and I have replaced the tire sensor 2 times and I have to replace the sensor again after getting a nail in one, now the sensor will not reset. 4 sensors (the original and 3 replacements) in 7 years at $100 each. The dealer said the first time it had to be replaced (less than 1 year old) it was because sand had gotten in it, the car had never been to the beach. Now I understand that the sensor is dash board mounted not like the ’06 model I have where it is on the console just right of the emergency brake. I hate the ride with the run flat tires, Hard! I love my Mini and after reading other peoples stories regarding their tires maybe the regular tire is the way to go, forget the tire sensor also.

    • Steph

      I hear you, Treed. I have exactly the same model – 2006 Mini Cooper S, purchased in November 2005. I couldn’t afford the run flats so I switched to regular tires long ago. But, it’s been really expensive!! I have stopped keeping up with how many sets of tires I’ve bought. For the most part my issues were because I wasn’t taking my car to the MINI dealership for front and rear alignment – this resulted in “cupping” on my tires, which is a rapid tire wearing that happened on at least 3 sets of tires. Ugh. I finally drove to Atlanta to get a real alignment and the problem is solved. However, now I am in the market for new tire and I’m trying to figure out the longest life for the best performance. Ugh. Stephanie in Georgia

  • Sara

    Before driving my current Mini Cooper with 16″ rims which i have refitted with regular tires due to my annoyance with the ride runflats gave, i had an MX-5 Miata (no runflats) and VERY expensive sport tires which came with a fix-a-flat kit instead of a spare. This would allow you to patch minor punctures and pretty much anything except sidewall blowouts and large rips. With this kit, you can drive to a repair destination on non runflats that can be patched or plugged. Lets be real here, if you have major tire damage, you’re waiting on roadside assistance no matter what. Look into it here: or get a cool tire holder (i would like to point out the tire in the image is full size too which has some advantages over a spare.) :)

  • Mopsy

    I have a 2007 mini that came with run flats but it also came with a little spare donut tire that is kept under the car. I also recently changed to regular tires and enjoy the ride so much more.

  • Sixate

    Winter….run flats, summer…not!

  • JoNFl

    2006 Mini Cooper S convertible owner here.
    Over the life of the mini I have run both run flats and regular tires. Obviously brand new there were run flats installed on the car. When their life expired I replaced them with Michelin performance tires. What a difference! I loved the quiet sound, the road grip in wet and dry conditions (I live where snow is a rarity so I can’t tell you about that).
    However as the performance tires started to wear down I did some research and was reminded about the safety / inconvenience issues I would have if I experienced a puncture and had no spare tire. I switched back to run flats. Low and behold, this turned out to be a wise move as I did experience a puncture that would have left me stranded in regular tires. I was able to drive to a service station and get a repair done for around $30. The repair seemed quick and easy and I was certainly glad that I was not stuck in a bad area waiting for a tow.

    I guess I was taking a real risk just driving around for those miles on the regular tires with no spare on board. I did love the performance of the regular tires though.

    • Lowell Peabody

      Really? The number one thing an owner is told about run flats is they cannot be repaired. Any puncture means replace the tire or probably two. There are ways to deal with the lack of a spare.

  • Izzy Kimura

    I have a solution! Run Flats should only be used as a spare tyre. That way you wont ever be stranded if your tyre punctures before the previous puncture is mended. Also, the use of normal tyres makes it easier and cheaper to install/maintain and we get better performance out of them. Just when we need them, we can have a runflat space saver :)

    • Lowell Peabody


  • clarise

    There are lots of small cars w/o spares, also w/o run-flat tires.. Those 18″ RFT were so exhausting I was nearly in tears after a 350 mi trip, one-way, to see our son in the Navy.. Changed out those tires & put on a nice all season tire, before the trip home.. Made the drive so much more enjoyable AND quieter.. Nice car, terrible tires.. We had to shop around there in Norfolk to find.. My husband & I have been married 35 yrs, Owned 22 new cars.. Never before have we been unhappy with a new car tire.. We also have never worried about a flat.. New cars come with roadside.. There is always AAA & fix-a-flat..

  • Lowell Peabody

    Hard to forget that 7 years ago BMW said that they were the leading edge with run flats and that all car manufacturers would switch to them. Well, 7 years later it never happened. I was just in Georgia and picked up a nail in my Mercedes tire. I asked the repair guy how long it would take to get a replacement run flat if I had needed one… “A day or two”, not a good answer. Very glad to have switched to Mercedes.

  • Don Dees

    Come on people you don’t have to put run flat tires on anything, convient? Hell no… costly ? Hell yeah ……buy you a set max out that credit card then at anytime there after you puncture one go on break the bank….. There rough noisy and handles like a wagon in muddy wagon tracks……if you got the money do it..sit your ass on that busy hiway waiting on a service truck or wreaker to come help you out for a costly fee…..they are not cool….the dealers will tell you anything to get you to buy thier high ass products there trained that way so the dealer can have parties during holidays and get big bonuses off your money …….put you a donut spare in the back change your on tire with your lazy ass and get back on the road and stop being a safety hazard for everyone else…..