Let me start first by saying that this a “touchy” subject and it has been debated over and over again. While there are many people that love the run-flat tires on their BMWs, there are plenty of others that are absolutely against them and consider the normal tires as being a better choice for their cars.

The purpose of this article is to show you BMW’s point of view or the reasons behind using run-flat tires on most of their models. So, I will let them tell us the advantages of using them, but I will have an article ready with the cons as well.

The following text was published on babybmw.net, an UK fans forum, in response to a customer’s concern.



BMW aims to provide our customers with a premium product that provides ultimate safety with optimum performance and it is always a concern to receive feedback of this nature.

We chose to include Run-flat technology on our vehicles for the following reasons:

  • It is dangerous to stop on any road to change a tyre, especially on a motorway or at night.
  • There is no need to have to wait for a breakdown service to arrive.
  • Safety and security of the driver and passenger(s) is maintained.
  • Alloy wheels are difficult to detach from steel hubs.
  • On most cars the spare is under the contents of the boot, and uses boot space.
  • It can be tricky to line up the wheel bolt holes with the hub screw holes and match the thread.
  • The dirty punctured tyre needs to be removed and stored in the boot.
  • Another puncture before the punctured tyre is mended means one is stranded.
  • A driver can continue for 150 miles at 50mph with a punctured Run-flat tyre.

All of our vehicles that use Run-flat technology have their suspension and braking components set up to accommodate Run-flat tyres. Should you decide to change to non Run-flats, it may alter the driving and handling characteristics of your vehicle. It is for this reason that this modification is not recommended by BMW as a manufacturer.

However, it is possible to have standard tyres fitted. You will additionally need to purchase either a spare wheel with jack and brace set or a mobility kit which can be ordered from the Parts Department of your nearest BMW Approved Dealership.

End quote.

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