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First batch of BMW ActiveE photos was posted yesterday, on the first day of the Detroit Auto Show 2010, but we return with a new …

First batch of BMW ActiveE photos was posted yesterday, on the first day of the Detroit Auto Show 2010, but we return with a new photo gallery. BMW ActiveE is an important step in the Project i program and in our opinion, the most important BMW model displayed in Detroit this year.

An important detail missed by many automotive publications is that the BMW ActiveE uses a drivetrain that will make into the first MCV, Mega City Vehicle, to be launched by BMW before 2015. This morning BMWBLOG’s team attended an ActiveE workshop where the technology behind this product have been discussed extensively. As always, you will get the scoop first and we will have a full article soon.

This concept is powered by a completely new electric synchronous motor that has been specifically developed for this vehicle. With 170 horsepower it develops a maximum torque of 250 Newton meters. In everyday driving it achieves a range of about a hundred miles.

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The power is stored in newly-developed lithium-ion batteries.

Another feature is its liquid cooling to keep temperatures stable. It guarantees the driver optimum output at all times and extends battery life.

More on the BME ActiveE a bit later.

Photos by Shawn Molnar

5 responses to “NAIAS 2010: New photos BMW ActiveE”

  1. Doug says:

    Hmmm.. they didn’t let you take pics under the bonnet?

    It’s hard to tell what configuration this is. There’s a shiny blinking device in the trunk, with a plug on it, is that the power control unit? Thus the batteries would replace the gas tank. But given that it’s rear-drive, is the motor in the rear as well?

    It would seem backwards to have the batteries in the back, sending power to the motor in the front which sends power to the back through a trans-axle. It would make more sense to locate the motor at the rear axles, pcu in the rear, battery in the front, and charger/plug in the front. Otherwise, you’re sending electrical and physical power back and forth too much and that adds weight. They might want to make minimal changes to the vehicle, which might mean the former speculation, with a transmission.

  2. okeribok says:

    Don’t forget to mention it weighs as much as a Rolls

  3. The BMW Concept is an all-electric vehicle powered by liquid-cooled Li-ion batteries and seems like the BMW 1 Series

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