BMW ActiveE Concept

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BMW Announces Markets for BMW ActiveE Field Trial

New York Metro and Greater Los Angeles will again be included and be joined by Metropolitan markets of San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento and Boston. Later today at Opportunity Green in Los Angeles, BMW will…

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UK bans BMW ActiveE Zero Emission Ads

News reports coming from the UK confirm a ban placed on some BMW ads by the Britain’s advertising watchdog. The banned ads revolved around BMW’s claims that the BMW Concept ActiveE electric car is “100…

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U.S. to receive at least 450 BMW ActiveE vehicles

Recent published reports have incorrectly stated that the size of the fleet of BMW ActiveEs that will be deployed during the BMW Group’s second-phase field trial in the US will be limited to 200 vehicles….

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BMW to lease 700 ActiveE vehicles

Automotive News reports that starting in 2011, BMW will lease up to 700 ActiveE models to selected customers in major cities across the globe. The 1 Series Coupe all-electric vehicle continues down the path of…

Videos: BMW at Detroit Auto Show 2010

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NAIAS 2010: New photos BMW ActiveE

First batch of BMW ActiveE photos was posted yesterday, on the first day of the Detroit Auto Show 2010, but we return with a new photo gallery. BMW ActiveE is an important step in the…

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NAIAS 2010: BMW ActiveE Project

Detroit Auto Show marks another milestone in BMW’s Project i program. Today, Dr. Klaus Draeger, BMW’s board executive, revealed the BMW ActiveE, the first BMW to use an all-electric drivetrain, excluding the MINI E launched…