BMW M1 350 horsepower gets the go-ahead

Rumors | January 6th, 2010 by 42
BMW Concept 1 Series tii 1 lg 750x500 BMW M1 350 horsepower gets the go ahead

The rumors of a new BMW M1 have been going around for quite some time now, but no solid reports have been ever made nor …

The rumors of a new BMW M1 have been going around for quite some time now, but no solid reports have been ever made nor confirmed by BMW. Today, British magazine Autocar reports that BMW greentlights the development of an M version of the 1 Series Coupe.

The new M1 is rumored to come equipped with a revised version of the N55 twin-scroll turbo six-cylinder engine producing around 350 horsepower and north of 300 lb-ft of torque. Sales are expected to begin in mid-2011.

The decision to put the car into production has been attributed to an “overwhelmingly positive reaction” to recent customer clinics, according to at least one high-ranking BMW official. The demographic is said to be younger customers craving for BMW performance and the M1 will be the most affordable M in the line-up. It is also considered to be a direct competitor to the future Audi RS3.

BMW Concept 1 Series tii 1 lg 655x482 BMW M1 350 horsepower gets the go ahead

Autocar speculates on the price point, around 38,000 British Pounds and it will be slotted beneath the M3 Coupe.

The upcoming modular platforms from BMW allows them to build more cars within the class and still maintain a relatively low price point.

“With the modular production processes in place at BMW, it is possible to create performance cars that customers can not only dream about owning but also realistically afford”, says Dr. Kay Segler, BMW M boss.

The final name has yet to be finalized, but we believe the iconic M1 name will be restored due to its resonance and prestige. The 2012 BMW M1 is said to be inspired from BMW’s tii Concept revealed in 2007.

For the new M car the engine will re-adopt a twin-turbocharged layout, although the new system is said to differ quite dramatically from that used on the older engine; it’s likely to get a new turbo and a more efficient intercooler arrangement.

No confirmation on the transmission options, but expect something similar to other M cars.

With a kerb weight of not much more than 1500kg, its 0 to 60mph performance should be around the 5 seconds mark.

EfficientDynamics will continue to play an important role in future BMW products, so expect to see a stop-start and brake regeneration systems in place.

The underpinnings of the 1 Series Coupe – MacPherson strut (front) and multi-link (rear) suspension – will remain the same, but M engineers will introduce new suspensions, springs and dampers. “We’re aiming to make it a lot more dynamic than the standard 135i,” said Segler.

Exterior design will get the special M treatment, deeper front spoiler, flared front wheel arches, chunkier sills, a rear deck spoiler and a deeper rear valance with four chromed exhaust pipes.

Production is set to begin at the Leipzig factory in Germany and as we mentioned before, the new M1 will be unveiled in 2011.

Assembly of the newest M-car is likely to take place at BMW’s Leipzig factory in Germany. alongside standard versions of the 1-series coupé.

[Source: Autocar ]
  • Beach

    The name should be M2 or 150 M, not M1. To use the M1 name is to sully the moniker andusurp the reputation of a legendary mid engine car. It’s like calling a tiny economy car a “Charger” or “LeMans”, not something BMW should stoop to doing.

    • Saleem

      Ineed Sir Ineed.

    • lennardt

      a future M1 as a supersportcar could be called M8, M9 or M10. M1 would fit into nomenclature of bmw, if its an m-version of 1-series, like M3, M5 or M6.

      • Saleem

        Now that you put it that way. The M1 homage moniker will have to be revamped in to an M higher number like you’ve illustrated above to fit into the Schema of things i suppose.

      • Beach

        Certainly, the next “supersportscar” should be called an M8 or 9 or 10. But even BMW recognizes the importance of the M1 as an iconic moniker, by naming the recent concept the M1 Hommage. It should be retired, not reused.

  • jocamryn

    Oh damn!!! Oh HOT Damn!

  • Robinson John

    0-60 in 5 sec…?????and the 135 does it in…? what… i would think it would be a bit quicker.

    • viper

      impossible…bmw cars are getting fat lately…by getting fat and dull at the same time they should think about adding more than just 350hp , which these days you can find on a scooter.

      • Jordan

        you’re an idiot. the 135i goes to 60 in 4.7sec already so this M1 should easily do low 4 second runs. stop trolling.

        • Sojourn76

          if the car is based on the 135 and… lets say they keep the weight the same… add some subtract some.
          then the extra power should be in the low 4’s… rivaling the m3.. sooo bump in m3 power?

        • viper

          I guess you own one thats why u know so much…right you dont.your full of shit like everyone else

          • Beach

            You are an idiot. Stop posting on BMWBLOG, you should try Jalopnik.

      • kodey

        a scooter thats going to be a great competitor for your C63 AMG, for half the price

        • viper

          right on…but your scooter will probably fail miserably

  • okeribok

    around 5 second 0-60? 1500kg and 350bhp should make that 4 seconds!

  • Sojourn76

    That sounds better… but it cuts into m3 numbers

  • Doug


    • Horatiu B.

      Curb in US, kerb in UK :)

      • Doug

        LOL! Those crazy limeys and their speling

      • Doug

        Btw, Horatiu, I’ve noticed that nobody can “rank” your postings. Is that some sort of executive immunity? :)

        • Horatiu B.

          :) Trying to somehow protect my ego :) Kidding…I guess I can turn it back on so people can give me thumbs down also when I screw up :)

          • Beach

            Can you banhammer Viper?

          • Kodey

            agreed, im so sick of him, like its one thing to disagree, but when all you ever do is bash on BMW and everything they do it gets really annoying not to mention i find it extremely rude, its BMW Blog, debates are understandable, but not total disrespect for the cars that people like you and I take the time to appreciate and read up on. It would be great for you to consider this. Thanks

  • Jordan

    “The new M1 is rumored to come equipped with a revised version of the N55 twin-scroll turbo six-cylinder engine…”

    but Autocar’s article says this…

    “For the new M car the engine will re-adopt a twin-turbocharged layout, although the new system is said to differ quite dramatically from that used on the older engine; it’s likely to get a new turbo and a more efficient intercooler arrangement.”

    • Horatiu B.

      I do believe it will be an upgraded version of the NEW engine: N55. That’s where things seem to be going in the future

      • Jordan

        it would be awesome if they put 2 twin-scroll turbos on the 3.0l inline 6 and stuck it in this and knocked some weight off!

  • bmwm6

    well the 135i is 300hp I kind of expected more for the M1 and also M1 please name like 150 M like what a previous post said

  • :p

    I expect the car to at least or reach close to 400hp to be considered a M car.

  • X5M

    You’re all wrong, the correct naming should be: 1M. BMW has already switched to this naming protocol with the X5M and X6M. The 5 series will the 5M, and the next 3 series will be the 3M

    • Doug

      Hmmm… I was kinda hoping the SUVs would be named 5X, M5X, etc :)

    • Beach

      I already said that with my first post…
      MX5 and MX6 were already taken by Mazda!
      And, 3M is taken as well, by 3M tape.

  • john

    i can tell you right now im 17 i have my 1st bmw 335xi 2009 and i will be purchasing this 1 series as soon as it comes out

    • Jordan

      congrats on getting your 1st BMW!… i highly doubt you’ll be “purchasing” this 1 series though, you’re 17!

  • Artmic

    50K for this car as it looks now? No way. It looks way too weird, if they could improve the look of this car then sure it be nice to have, as it is, to me at least, it looks like a chick car, or something out of 2003 model lineup. Looks old and dated.

    Also, if this thing has 350HP, and a dual clutch transmission, it should do at least 4.5 seconds to 60.

  • :p

    I don’t think exchange rates are tied into the auto industry. UK charges 28k pounds for a 325 sedan and we charge $33k for a 328. if the exchange rates were accurate, the 325 should be 44 grand in the US which is not true. I think if this car reachs the US it would max at $45 grand since the 135i is aready $35k

  • Petre Sebe

    Like always, BMW underestimates their 0 to 60 numbers. Would expect the acceleration to be somewhere in the 4.3 to 4.5 range. This is going to give the M3 some serious competition..still the 2 cars would attract 2 different types of customers, so no risk of cannibalization.

  • 120D

    This sounds really great!!!
    BUT, will this M1 be a E8x model or a next gen 1er?
    Because 2011 will bring us a fresh 1er with new everything.
    Will the 2011 M1 be based on a model introduced in 2004, or a model based in 2011? Will the choice be NEW 135i Vs. E8x M1? I hope not.

  • Lou

    I guess they could call it th M135i. But whatever it’s called I have to agree that a price north of 50k seems too high. At that number there are a lot of great cars to look at.

  • Tbumnnc

    I got my 135i in May 2008. It did 4.8 then and it does 4.8 now. What is so exciting about the new M1 if it does 5.0? It gets 350 hp? The current N54 engine is 300 hp and 300 ft lbs. Where is the gain? What’s the point? It couldn’t be just hype now, could it? Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE my car, but why switch out for 15K+ and a moniker that doesn’t deliver?

    • Daniel Hoang

      BMW always underestimated there times for insurance purposes. they stated the 135i does 5.2 seconds when it came out. This car should reach 4.5 seconds .