Amazing photos: BMW 335i Touring with Performance Parts

3-Series | December 10th, 2009 by 11
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I, personally, have always admitted that Touring models are not my all time favorite cars and that impression has not changed so far, despite many …

I, personally, have always admitted that Touring models are not my all time favorite cars and that impression has not changed so far, despite many attempts I have made over the years to change my perception. But….today, I might have a change of heart. The BMW 335i Touring with Performance Parts showcased below has made me re-asses my feelings toward Tourings or Wagons, as we call them here in the U.S.

The BMW Performance Parts program offers an extensive range of performance upgrades, from exterior aerodynamic components to interior upgrades and increased power. The recent Frankfurt Auto Show setup was used to showcase some of the BMW vehicles fully “dressed” with performance parts.

Now imagine taking some of these performance parts and add them to a BMW 335i Touring, the 3 Series Wagon that is still quite popular in Europe.

The result?

It can be admired below and it is by far one of the best looking Tourings I have seen so far, mostly due to the exterior performance upgrades, special wheels and the hard to ignore beautiful sound coming from the special BMW Performance exhaust system. The video below will portray what I have just said…..

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[Photos source: Autogespot ]

11 responses to “Amazing photos: BMW 335i Touring with Performance Parts”

  1. michael says:

    I love the BMW wagons – the 3 is much better looking than the 5 to be honest (although I am curious to see the next generation 5er)

    I’m loving the bodykit & the wheels on this
    not so sure about the stripe running down the body though.

  2. David says:

    Awesome car! Looks beautiful! ….. Only in Holland ;-)

  3. Thijs says:

    I drove this very car, we had it at our dealership as an eyecatcher during a local carshow. It is/was a showcar owned by BMW Netherlands, its a show case of the mods available through the performance parts programme. It had for some 12k Euro’s on performance parts on it. The engine was also tweaked by BMW with an extra 20hp and 30nm, unfortunately it didn’t have the big brake kit and the springs and shocks form the preformance programme. Driving wise it was not much more exciting than a regular 335i, but it did make a nice sound though.

  4. E92-TORONTO says:

    Never a fan of wagon, but I have to admit BMW’s wagsons look way better than Audi’s.

  5. Bryce says:

    This really is a sweet looking car. What I don’t understand is why BMW would offer a sedan, touring, and GT. Aren’t the GT and Touring pretty much going to meet the demands of the same target customer. I don’t see how offering a Touring model and a GT model is going to benefit the company. I know this is a 3 and no 3 GT has been announced or released yet, but I do expect an announcement eventually and BMW is already doing this with the 5 series. I think the business term for biting into your own market share is ‘cannibalism’ and I don’t want to see BMW losing any of it’s market share.

    • Theo says:

      Well, concering the 3 series I tend to believe you’re right that the Touring and GT will overlap somewhat. In the 5 though it’s an altogether different story: the 5 touring is far more dynamic and sports oriented than the touring which aims more at the luxury trait. People who find the touring to have too firm a suspension and a seating position which is too low/sporty do find an attractive alternative in the GT. As you can imagine this are often somewhat older customers. Besides this, the GT also offers an excellent alternative for ‘backseaters’ to a 7 which is in these times is often (incorrectly) judged to be an excessive sign of luxury. Same limousine qualities, less offensive appearance…

      As for the 3 Touring and GT, I’m afraid this logic won’t apply, maybe it will become a more sports oriented 4-door than the calssic sedan and touring, a typical niche car รก la A5 Sportback…

  6. bnc says:

    Touring versions are much more popular in Europe then in America. I think the sedan-touring ratio over here is 60% – 40% . I guess it’s just a cultural difference :) Me personnaly wouldn’t mind taking a touring over a sedan. Most of time i like both versions equally but in case of the current 3 series the E91 gets my vote :)

  7. plaxico says:

    dont understand who woud buy this car ……i could get merc for the same money

  8. exit says:

    Dude, Merc sucks!

  9. wazon8 says:

    Nice car!

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