BMW M6 Concept Renderings – This is just wrong!!

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We have been debating on whether we should post this article or not, but in the end, the urge of getting your feedback won. Before …

We have been debating on whether we should post this article or not, but in the end, the urge of getting your feedback won. Before we jump into the article, we would like to say from the beginning that our intention is not to put the rendering artist in a bad light, but rather to point out some facts.

Dave Cardoso, a graphic artist from Belgium, created new renderings of what a future generation BMW M6 could look like, of course, all based on his ideas.  While we can’t deny his rendering skills or 3D modeling, we can’t say that we’re big fans of his work. Clearly the images below show us a car that has no ties to BMW’s past, current and future design language and if it wasn’t for the kidney grille, it could have passed for any other brand out there.

Yes, we’re aware that this is most likely a design exercise as many we have seen before, but truth is that we would like these artists to learn more about BMW’s design history and future plans, and ultimately come up with some viable solutions.

BMW M6 Concept Renderings   This is just wrong!!The next generation BMW 6 Series and M6 is rumored to feature some elements from the canceled CS Concept, giving the new model a stunning look.

The new 6er will launch in 2011 with the M6 following in 2012.

[Source: Carscoop ]

  • michael

    he should have submitted to Hyundai for future rendering of the genesis coupe.

  • Russell

    This is a Nissan – a cross between the 370Z, the Skyline coupe and the GT-R.
    From the thumbnail I thought he’d used the Vision Concept for the styling language, but the closer you look, the less BMW it is. There’s not even a Hoffmeister kick!

  • Kodey

    Looks like a stupid Honda Accord coupe…

  • billy

    so why aren’t you criticizing the m-zero concept?

    • Horatiu B.

      I know, we should..Not even close to a BMW design language

  • Shane Giumarello

    The rear is actually pretty nice, but the front looks like a wanna-be Hyundai Genesis coupe! I wouldn’t mind having the rear, though…

    • Horatiu B.

      Ok,maybe the back has something going for it…but that’s about it

  • KidrauhlM5

    Owh boy the rear and the side reminds me of Hyundai Tiburon :| The front is very bad.

    This is clearly not BMW’s design language. COMPLETELY!!

  • Ed S.


  • Straight Six

    If you look at the 2nd photo it looks like it’s crashed, hehe.

    • Straight Six

      sorry, I meant the third photo

  • c.o

    oh no!!! looks like a seat ibiza (sideview)

    lol very ugly

  • Andrei M

    Fire him ! :)

  • Auday

    lol, I like it that you couldn’t hold it this time Horatiu :)
    yeah I think it’s an ugly version of the New Hyundai.

  • joe

    they might use this car as the next bat mobil :)

  • Vaybach Khan

    well he is bad artist,just look at the bmw logo and its out of symmetric…
    i think this guy want pass the test…its like he put all 5 min of his time into this…

  • Andrew

    Things that will never get you a job at BMW Design Group: This rendering!

  • Patrick Lien

    I wouldn’t say there’s *zero* BMW design language. Just at a glance you can clearly tell that the E89 Z4 is the starting point for this exercise. And there’s more of a traditional Hofmeister kick here than in the X3/X1. But the proportions do seem more Nissan than BMW. The front is not elegant, and seems rushed. The rear, although there are a couple of nice things going on there, it has very little BMW design language, and the whole thing is not very consistent or harmonious at all.

  • Bruno

    I think it’s a very nice looking car
    BUT as you said: it’s nothing like a BMW!!! i think it looks like something asian :s

  • M6 fan

    the front is just awful but from the rear it isn’t so bad I think but anyway this isn’t the right design for the new M6

  • Babken

    The man who made this “painting” must have been drunk. My advice to him: go and become a mercedes designer. You don’t understand anything about BMW.

  • Doug

    Wow…. I thought I was hard on designers….

    I actually kind of like this. I think he’s actually nailed some of the BMW elements, like the edge that flows from the shoulder, over the fender toward the center of the nose. This swoops across, and the headlights and kidney grills follow this. The fender/quarter panel design framed by this edge is definitely BMW.

    There’s a lot of aspects suck or aren’t really BMW, but this dude has made a very interesting basic design and integrated many elements into it very nicely. The shapes are .. cohesive, and contribute to a the overall design, which often isn’t the case..

    Just tone it down a bit (ok, a lot) and clean up the front end, esp all the edges, and this could be quite cool. IMHO.

  • efoza

    I told you all that you will miss Bangle when he is gone. NOW is the time to agree with me.

  • Mike Messer

    It looks sort of like a 2010 Zenvo ST1 from the side.

  • viper

    weird imagination , will never come to life though

  • ///-Game

    disaster…..horror….to ugly to say anything….blah…awfullll….cant belive that some1 even deared to think to draw this….i´d burn the paper it has been designed on….in this case the computer….this uglyness should be ilegal….

  • travelgeek

    no positive comments?

    – its not a good looking car – I don´t like it at all, regardless the brand

    – without badge and kidney grill, I would never imagine that the designer hat a BMW in mind

    – Dave Cardoso is maybe good as a designer but nor for cars…

  • ///-Game

    perhaps he is a good designer, but the designer that knows just a little about bmw would not think about doing this..this is just wrong for any brand…my advise for him is to take the catalog or contact me to send him pics to see how does bmw must look like…

  • Abimael

    me gusta la nueva vercion bmw m6 esta brutal mi papana me gustaria cambiar mi carro en un futuro