And the 2011 BMW 5 Series renderings keep coming and coming….

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When we said that the next year’s main attraction in the BMW community will be the new 5 Series, we weren’t lying at all. Judging …

When we said that the next year’s main attraction in the BMW community will be the new 5 Series, we weren’t lying at all. Judging by the number of renderings/photoshops of the new 5er that we see daily, the car is already creating lots of buzz on many automobile websites.

For a while we tried to refrain from posting the same type of renderings over and over, but this time we gave in again (due to the multiple emails we received on this) and decided to post another…..let’s say, less innovative, but still interesting rendering.

At a first glance it seems to be a total knock-off from the allegedly leaked photo that was posted months back, but the artist seemed to have cleaned up the photo a bit and also changed some minor things around the grille area.

f10 655x472

In our opinion, the front-end still seems to be a bit off and if our sources are correct, then the latest rendering by Huckfeld at Autobild, is at least 90% closer to the real deal.

So what’s really wrong with the rendering above? Well, for starters, the headlights resemble too much the ones found in the new 5 Series GT and it is hard to believe that BMW will not try to better differentiate the cars at the front end.

Also, the front grille is clearly shorter and less wide than the 5 GT ones and that is something we were told it will reflect in the final production model as well, but judging from the spy shots, the grille seems to be a bit too small and less oval when  compared to these photos.

What everyone has gotten right so far is the front bumper, mostly because it was leaked on the web a few months back. Also, the side mirrors are pretty much identical to the ones fitted on the test mules, so that debate can be closed, unless BMW has some surprises for us.

As the new 2011 BMW 5 Series keeps losing its funky camouflage, expect to see more renderings, hopefully closer to the “real deal”.

9 responses to “And the 2011 BMW 5 Series renderings keep coming and coming….”

  1. Stoli says:

    This rendering as siluoete is resembling the outside lines of the new 5er. the hood in the section of U is going up and is making something like a wave which is missing and the head lights are wrong. BUT this rendering is far closer to the new 5er then the rendering of auto bild! that rending is so wrong in the expression of the character of the new 5er that is not worht to comment

  2. L1ndja says:

    This is the best rendering out there it looks so beautiful i hope this will be the final one.Ps i dont think the auto bild rendering is good ,nor 90% the real deal.This is a lot closer ;)

  3. n8n says:

    Headlights looks like copied by 7 and mixed with 5 series… :/ they can do it much better… they just don’t want to… Mercedes could, BMW can better!…

  4. Zeitgeist_md says:

    Given the original leaked foto, the 5 GT, and what the 7 looks like, I think this is a very good rendering. The upcoming 5 series will look 90% like this rendering.

  5. Nick says:

    Looks like an insect.

  6. viper says:

    thats the one….it looks ridiculously boring and outdated , I really like the current one better , if this is the best they can come up with then thats it for me and bmw , E class is at least ten times better looking than this….oh I think the new 5er will get copy and paste treatment from the new 7er , interior ofcourse…there will be no originality on this one.

    • Jag says:

      IMO, the new E is a miscellaneous combination of straight lines and curves. It seems that Merc got confused with style, they wanted to make it look muscle but they also wanted to keep their tradition of an elegant car. And finally, they created such a mess!

  7. Samir says:

    Ugly. Don’t sit here and tell me that looks cool. The old 5 series looks far better! Mercedes cars are looking better and BMW’s are getting uglier. What happened everyone??? The new Z4 is a hit, but the new 5 and 7 look like sh*t!

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