BMW 7-Series M-Sport Package spotted uncovered

7-series | June 6th, 2009 by 10

With these latest spy photos, we hope that auto media all over the web will stop with the BMW M7 predictions. We were the first …

With these latest spy photos, we hope that auto media all over the web will stop with the BMW M7 predictions. We were the first one to say it and shutter everyone’s dreams: the 7 Series spotted, it’s simply a model featuring the upcoming M Sport Package, an aero kit that will give the 7 Series a sportier and more aggressive look.

While the new 7 Series was accepted fairly well by the media and consumers, there were still some voices expressing their concern that the 7er is not as aggressive as one would want. So nearly, so less than a year after the official launch, BMW will give everyone what they craved for: an M Sport Package.

So what’s the M Pack bringing new to the table? Obviously a  more aggressive front fascia with larger air intakes into the redesigned front bumper, some chrome parts still hiding underneath black tape and a what it seems to be a new set of wheels.

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The changes might not be very overwhelming, but these new small additions are what turns the 7 Series into an even better looking car. We’re unclear if there will be any engine tuning done as part of the M Pack, but if that will happen, the new M Sport Package will be a even more successful addition to an already elegant and sporty high-end luxury sedan.

And as we always mention, we totally dig the dark colors on the 7 Series models…

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10 responses to “BMW 7-Series M-Sport Package spotted uncovered”

  1. Uxel says:

    I hope the tape doesnt hide LEDs, just chrome plaese :) I dont like the audi-/now mercedes-style…

  2. This doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would. White, please!

  3. Giom says:

    If that is chrome underneath the tape, that’s gonna be a lot of chrome. Qurious to see that… I also believe that this kit will look so good, that most buyers will opt fot it.

  4. Giom says:

    Another thing I just realized about the design… Unlike other BMW sports kits, this one comes without fog lamps, or driving lights as they’re called elseware. Instead, there are big openings with radiators clearly visible behind them. To me, this implies functionality. Which means some sort of engine performance upgrade. Maybe even a serious one.

    If not an M7, this could be a performance model. Something to take to AMG, but without the M seriousness. Merc sells a lot of AMG S class cars, they must know there is a market there.

    Where does my theory fit in with Alpina, I don’t know… It’s just a theory.

  5. kb says:

    omg these larger air intakes are ugly as hell

  6. viper says:

    its pity this new M look doesnt come with a modified engine as well….at least 600hp to on S65AMG which is in my opinion THE Car. the end

  7. BMfan says:

    It just has to come with an engine upgrade if not whats the point in targeting a group that loves mean looking cars without the back-up of a stronger faster meaner bhp. The larger air intakes wont certainly be for the sake of mere form.

    • Jp Albano says:

      Interesting notes; it has a shadwoline chrome window accents, and it’s hard to tell from those pictures, but it looks like under the wheel center caps is an ///M sticker. Maybe its just a new M-Technik kit

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