BMW X1 spotted during photo shooting

Spy Photos | March 23rd, 2009 by 5
bmw x1 spy shots california

BMW X1 is entering the final stage where all the marketing materials need to be filmed or photographed in different locations, countries, chosen by BMW. …

bmw x1 spy shots california 498x314

BMW X1 is entering the final stage where all the marketing materials need to be filmed or photographed in different locations, countries, chosen by BMW.  We learned that beside California and Vancouver, our beautiful hometown Chicago will play its role in the X1 theme.

Recently, every newly released BMW model came with a theme, a slogan, the Z4 was all about the “Expression of Joy”, but the X1 will tell you that “This is your world..”. The marketing slogan comes from the idea behind this small SAV, an urban vehicle geared towards a younger demographic who enjoy outdoor activities as well and would still like to use a spacious car to transport their surfboards, skis, snowboards or climbing equipment.

In one word, the BMW X1 will offer: Flexibility.

Beside the beautiful new exterior color shown here, Mocca Brown Metallic, what I enjoy the most about these photos, is the passion that drives these spy photographers, fearless professionals that are committed to do what’s necessary to bring  the latest photos to the car fans. I’m sure the BMW crew wasn’t happy about their little encounter, but without taking sides, I believe everyone was trying to do their job. Glad no one got hurt :)

Feel free to go over at LeftLaneNews for more photos. There is also a spy photo of a covered wheel, which apparently will have an unique  and excellent design.

[Source: LeftLaneNews, Brenda Priddy, Mike Gardner ]

5 responses to “BMW X1 spotted during photo shooting”

  1. jkp says:

    This car screams for a 4-cyl diesel. Please. It isn’t supposed to tear up the motorways (although the BMW 2.3L turbo diesel will do that just fine!)

  2. Fuxl says:

    there is no such thing as a bmw 2.3l diesel:)

  3. Giom says:

    I do feel sorry for car manufacturers -having to go to such extremes just to be able to show their new car in an appropriate marketing manner. They want the publics first view of the car to be just perfect. I can understand the frustration.

    But it is interesting to get glimpses of the new car before the unveiling.

  4. Lance says:

    @Giom: Speaking of view of the car. I just have one point that I would like to make. I always don’t understand why car manufacturers bring out models with black plastic parts like door handles when they have a full body colour treatment with more expensive ranges of the same model. e.g. the 4 cylinder 3 series used to come out without the option of body parts in body colour, so did the 1 Series hatch. It doesn’t actually costs them much more to spray paint those as well and it definately make the car look far far cheaper than a car not in the premium market like a Toyota. That 1 Series hatch with body parts in black look terrible.

    If they care so much about they way people perceive their cars, the image of the car, etc. Why have ugly versions of that model run around the streets??? Why not let people have a car that will look its best? I believe that some negative image of the design of the 1 Series hatch is because it had versions running around that do not look premium at all. Another example, the first X3 that came out looked terrible with those black plastic bumpers – abosolutely cheap! The current one, with a better designed and coloured bumper, looks good. But the damage has already been done, in people’s minds, the X3 is an ugly car!

  5. Giom says:

    @Lance: I absolutly agree with you. The only answere I can come up with, is so that the premium cars can look better. It’s like a gorgous girl with low self esteem – always hanging out with the visually challenged girls so that she can look good.

    But, I agree with you when you say it hurts the overall image of that model and the marque.

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