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5 Series GT | March 5th, 2009 by 15
09 gen 09 5 series gt

YES, I said it….the BMW 5 Series GT has definitely the best looking interior I have seen in a BMW so far. Speaking with some …

YES, I said it….the BMW 5 Series GT has definitely the best looking interior I have seen in a BMW so far. Speaking with some of my friends that attended the show these last two days, they were extremely impressed with the interior design, the quality of the finishes, trim, leather, space, comfort, layout, you name it.

13 gen 09 5 series gt 498x331

This is also coming from people that are not at all BMW fans and don’t believe much in the 5 Series GT usefulness. And after seeing these photos, I have to fully agree with them, the 5 Series interior is top notch. I am certainly glad that BMW decided to focus more on this aspect as well, and the new generation Z4 opened the door for some great interior designs.

After seeing all these great photos, I have no other choice than flying to Munich soon and see the 5 Series GT in person. I have always said that I will refrain from judging the car until I see it in person.

[Source: Autoblog photos ]

15 responses to “5 Series GT – Best looking interior from BMW”

  1. Gord says:

    I think if you swap some of the interior colours than yes, the interior does look really good.

  2. Wonder if quality will carry through to the production version though

  3. housejunkie85 says:

    i cldnt agree more with this article it is the best lookin interior i have ever seen from BMW impressive hope they will carry this to the real models!!!! i would love to see this trim on the x6!!!

  4. Miles Ransom says:

    those seats r directly from my 535i…ofcourse not those colors though. and is that coth in the middle of the seats?

  5. Dylan Miller says:

    Maybe if the color scheme were different. To me it looks like a wood paneled station wagon barfed all over inside of it.

  6. THIS is the best BMW interior?! Nature….if that’s true then I’m so done with BMWs!

    Apart from the cheesiness of wood and colours, the center console looks clean, slick and elegant, the slight slanting makes it look even sporty ( remember the E31 interior, well THAT was a good interior from BMW, and my favourite).

    But the dashboard?! we are talking a sport BMW here not a taxi car, this bulky high thing reminds me of the interior of the big Chevy’s and Buicks of the 80s, and it can’t be uglier. Functionality wise, when you drive a driver’s car you expect to sit high above the dash and have speedometer and tachometer a bit higher and facing the driver. Lately BMW is having the whole thing inflated and bulked up and buried the meters inside that big peice of non-sense. This is not how driver’s cars should be. Obviousily people who designed those interiors (this and the new 7) are thinking more home furniture than a drivers car.

    And where did you get the definitely from? was it a proven math formula?

  7. Jordan says:

    @Auday Hussein:

    Reading your comment I would think you are a midget. You don’t look like one from your picture though. Have you sat in a BMW at all? Just by what you said about sitting “high” above the dash and the instruments being higher, and from the last time I drove a car, the tach and speedo actually do face the driver! Now sitting high above the dash and having the speedo and tach “a bit higher” would suggest you have them suspended in the air by a pole or something. Are you ok? There is something surely wrong with you. I’ve never seen the tach and speedo sitting on top of the dash, let alone suspended in mid-air!

    If you don’t want a “bulky high thing” then you SHOULD get a car from the 80’s!! They had the thinnest damn steering wheels, and very thin, long dashboards. Welcome to the 21st century, cars are built like this now. Don’t think you’ll find a “thin” dashboard in any car nowadays, let alone a thin steering wheel.

    “And where did you get the definitely from? was it a proven math formula?” — well you seem to have a “definite” idea about how everything should be. Is your “driver’s car” proven by a math formula? I can tell you that if you designed a car, I wouldn’t buy it.

  8. @Jordan:

    Thanks for your nice words, no the last I heard I’m not a midget :)


    This is Modern too, it’s not bulky and it is what I meant by having the meters sitting higher than the dash, this is a sports car interior.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Ok guys, no need for insults please. I allow controversial discussions as long as everyone keeps it civilized. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and this is definitely just my personal one, some people might hate this interior and like others.

  9. Jordan says:

    @Auday Hussein:

    Haha thats good. yea i would say that CS Concept interior is better and more drivers orientated, but the interior in the GT, althought I wouldn’t buy it, I think it’s pretty good and suits the vehicle where the CS concept would suit the next gen M3 for example. Its a new design language for sure, not a big fan of the colors they used but I do like that they’ve added more “lines” to the interior so as to compliment the exterior. This pic shows a lot of those lines with the shape of the front seats and the rear doors as well as the center console in the rear (and front). http://cdn.bmwblog.com/wp-content/uploads/13-gen-09-5-series-gt.jpg

    I thought you were flaming it pretty good so I had to stick up for the designers, no hard feelings :)

  10. housejunkie85 says:

    Horatiu Im with u on this one!!!

  11. Lance says:

    One of the best interiors from BMW’s recent offerings

  12. Wipet says:

    BMWs interiors suck… AUDI interiors RULE!!

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