2011 BMW 6 Series – Spy Photos and Rendering

Spy Photos | March 5th, 2009 by 6
bmw 6 series 2011

The next generation 2011 BMW 6 Series is less than a year away from the official unveiling. The second generation 6 Series is among BMW’s …

The next generation 2011 BMW 6 Series is less than a year away from the official unveiling. The second generation 6 Series is among BMW’s “special” cars, by having its own niche and clientele. While it has never been a huge seller as the 3 or 7 Series, the 6er holds a special place in BMW’s luxurious line-up.

2011 BMW 6 Series, codename F13 will not suffer any drastic changes, the current design has proven to be very successful and BMW has no intention to become “adventurous” with the new design. What we briefly learned was that the headlights will be similar to the ones on the CS Concept, but will not have the circular cut out, just a straight across slit.

bmw 6series cabrio 001 498x332

The wheelbase of the new BMW 6 Series is slightly longer than today’s model,  therefore, it will offer more legroom for rear passengers. The driver oriented cockpit is making a comeback and the console layout will be al about the driver and the connection with his/her car.

The folding hardtop will make its way into the new 6er, using the same technology as the one in the 3 Series Convertible.

BMW plans to offer three models, the entry-level 630, followed by the high-end 650 and a diesel variant, most likely the 635d. Of course, the flagship M6 model will become available a year after the 6 Series launch.

Now, let’s see some photos and a rendering done by the fellows at CarAdvice

bmw 6series cabrio 005 498x332

2011 BMW 6 Series Rendering 001

6 responses to “2011 BMW 6 Series – Spy Photos and Rendering”

  1. patricksixer says:

    Interesting, but still not quite where I’d ideally want it to be (too thick looking, but isn’t that everyone’s problem these days). Good rendering though.

    Then again, I don’t really care as much about 6er verts, even the rare E24 verts don’t quite do it for me. The hardtop could change that though, b/c I love the E93 3er.

    What I want is a rendering of the ordinary coupe F12 6er…nao. LOL

  2. okeribok says:

    another volvo…

  3. Matski says:

    The E24 is the car that got me into BMW’s, and I own one which I love. I was so glad when BMW decided to revive the ‘6’ designation after the 8 series, but the E63 has never been the car I’d hoped for, I love the shape and I love the engines, but I’ve never liked its ‘chinless’ face, or the chrome trim atop the kidney’s and the headlight treatment is not one of BMW’s best – the front of the 3er coupe knocks the 6 for 6!

    .. so with the F13, keeping the shape but changeing the details could be just the job,.. except I think they might stuff it up, quite badly. The new Z4 is a good looking car and I think it will lend alot to the 6 (especially the rear end), but the mish mash of 7er grille, CS lamps, and Z4 ‘chin’ that I suspect BMW is cooking up really wouldnt sit right with me…

    The X1 and 5GT concepts are ugly (IMO) but I didn’t mind too much because I had no expectations, I’ve just got this funny feeling I’m going to be really disappointed when the camo comes off the F13 6er.

  4. Gord says:

    Surfacing looks quite plain. Don’t you think BMW are going to be more aggresive about the surfacing ?

  5. BMW fan says:

    Another ugly BMW rendering.

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