Nissan GT-R and BMW M3 on different levels.

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First, let me say I love the M3 and I obviously love BMW. The thing I hate is when people compare the new Nissan GT-R …

First, let me say I love the M3 and I obviously love BMW. The thing I hate is when people compare the new Nissan GT-R to the new M3.

The GT-R is faster way faster, it's like a super car and should be compared to autos like Porsche Carrera GT, Corvette Zr1 etc….

Here is a video of the GT-R going 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. I also read on several reviews that the car handles better then german cars, which is truly amazing, since BMW always used to praise their top notch car handling .

This car is amazing also because it's a 6 cylinder, weighs about 3,800 pounds, and it's relatively cheap for what you get . I think the new M3 is a great car and I repeat myself, I love it. Looks wise seems to be above the Nissan.

I'd rather have the M3 as a daily driver, but the fact is that the M3 is supposed to be a performance car, a fast car that sets standards. In my opinion, BMW could have made the new M3 a tad faster,  I mean the GT-R did it, it's cheaper or around same price, a 6 cylinder and a little bit more horse power than the M3.

With that being said, please watch the video, and let's hear your comments.


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2 responses to “Nissan GT-R and BMW M3 on different levels.”

  1. Curtis says:

    thanks for the post! This is a great way to bring out discussion of car performance. I’ve been a long supporter of Nissan myself. The Altimas are tanks (especially from 98, 99), and the cars are consistently reliable. I didn’t know Nissan could produce such a remarkable performer as the new GT-R. So thanks again for your post, and more importantly, thanks for rekindling my appreciation for _another_ impeccable car company: Nissan.

  2. carversation says:

    Curtis- I’m not gonna lie, i’ve never liked Nissan till now. I never thought i’d be excited and impressed with a Nissan. I don’t like even the 350z which seems to be very popular. I mean if you break down the facts its amazing, reliable car,6 cylinder,almost 4,000pounds, super fast and relatively cheap and a four seater. What I’m looking foward to is when let say 5-10 years when the sucessor to this car comes out and then this car will be cheaper and by then other companies will begin to make cars similar to GT-R meaning fast,cheap and great at handling. I just wished the M3 was super fast considering it has a V8 producing 416 hp in that small body.

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