Video: Rare BMWs Including E46 M3 GTR on Track at DMV Challenge

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BMW E46 M3 GTR at Legends of the Autobahn

The 2015 Legends of the Autobahn hosted two exclusive and exciting BMWs: the E46 M3 GTR street car and the track version of the same car. The road car version of the M3 GTR is…

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The Champion in Touring Car Racing: BMW M3

In August 1985, a rumour surfaced in motor magazine Auto-Deutschlandwhich emanated from a new sports car. An A Group Car from BMW that was a thoroughbred racing car according to the rules but was also…

BMW the Centerpiece of Savannah Speed Classic

The objects ahead are quick-moving blurs of white with streaks of red, blue and purple sliding against a dark green background. Two corners later and I’m still death-gripping the the door but I’ve finally been…