2022 bmw 230i coupe melbourne red 13 830x553

VIDEO REVIEW: We Check Out the 2022 BMW 230i Coupe

While the BMW M240i steals headlines for the 2 Series lineup, the entry-level BMW 230i is actually not too shabby, either. In fact, it’s actually quite a good little sports car, according to our own…

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Video: All you need to know about the BMW i4 M50

One of the most anticipated cars from BMW is, without a doubt, the i4 M50. It’s the first electric car made by the German car maker that will officially wear the M letter on its…

2022 BMW M240i coupe xdrive review 02 830x553

VIDEO: Joe Achilles Checks Out the BMW M240i

When the BMW 2 Series was first revealed, it drew mixed reactions from the enthusiast crowd. Some liked its new styling, which is said to hark back to the old BMW 2002, and its refreshingly…

VIDEO: Here’s How to Configure the BMW iX Instrument Cluster

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VIDEO: BMW 135i M Sport Tuned to 450 Horsepower

One of the best normal (non-M) driver’s BMWs of this century was the BMW 135i. Based on the first-ever 1 Series Coupe, the 135i was the six-cylinder, rear-wheel drive, enthusiast’s version. It was what M…