When BMW decided to switch from the rear-wheel drive 1 Series hatchback to a front-wheel drive hatchback, the enthusiast fanbase was naturally upset. And rightfully so. The new front-wheel drive based, F40-generation 1 Series just isn’t as fun to drive as its predecessor. However, it’s not a bad car, either. So, with the right mods, can it be actually be a fun track car for the Nurburgring?

In this new video from Misha Charoudin, who’s become quite famous for driving fans’ cars on the ‘Ring, he drives a tuned BMW M135i xDrive on Germany’s most famous race track, to see if it’s any good.

From the factory, the BMW M135i xDrive isn’t a great driver’s car. Sure, it makes good power, thanks to its 2.0-liter turbo-four pumping out 302 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. But it was never really considered a ton of fun to drive. Its steering is pretty numb, its chassis is grippy but not playful, and its eight-speed Aisin gearbox is just okay. But what happens when you give it a few choice mods?

The mods seen on this car are all handling related and it keeps the stock power output. So it has what sounded like KW Clubsport coilovers, a wheel stud conversion, and lightweight wheels. Potentially even more impactful than all of that is its set of Michelin Cup 2 tires, which will provide so much more grip than the M135i xDrive needs. That means it should be able to achieve incredible cornering speeds, without ever getting out of sort.

And that’s exactly what it can do. In the video, you can see the BMW M135i get pushed hard on the ‘Ring, at speeds no owner will ever come close to achieving in the real road. And it just always hung on, thanks to its suspension setup and ultra-sticky tires. It just goes to show that handling and braking are more important than power when it comes to going fast.