Five car designers walk into a bar, and the bartender says, “What’ll it be, fellas?” The first designer says, “I’ll have a sleek and aerodynamic martini, with just a hint of luxury.” The second designer orders, “Give me a high-performance beer, turbocharged with a touch of hops.” The third designer requests, “I’ll take a classic cocktail, but make it electric – shaken, not stirred.” The fourth designer says, “I want a fast drink, fuel-efficient with a splash of creativity.” Finally, the fifth designer looks around and says, “I’ll have whatever everyone else is having, but can you make it autonomous? I don’t feel like lifting a glass today.”

Co-Designing The Ultimate Hypercar

The result? An absolutely stunning concept car called Aegis Coupe. The real story goes something like this. BMW Designworks’s Quichen Lee, former-VW designer Grigorii Butin,  Dazz Design Team’s Sandeep Dasari, Volvo’s Tiago Aiello, and senior designer Artem Shkirenko worked together on this exciting project. The Aegis Coupe is a concept car that showcases the vision and creativity of a group of professional designers who are not bound by any brand identity or market constraints.

The concept car is based on a modular platform that allows for various configurations and powertrains, ranging from internal combustion to fully electric. The name Aegis comes from ancient Greek mythology, resembling a protective shield that was wielded by Zeus and Athena. The Aegis Coupe features a sleek and aerodynamic body that wraps around the occupants like a protective shell, while also allowing for optimal airflow and cooling.

The front fascia is dominated by a large grille that integrates the headlights and sensors, creating a distinctive and aggressive expression. The side profile is characterized by a dynamic beltline that rises towards the rear, where it meets the muscular fenders and the sculpted tail lights. The roofline is low and sloping, enhancing the sporty and coupe-like silhouette. The rear end and taillights exhibit elements reminiscent of the Ferrari Roma and BMW Z8, while the front grille insert reflects subtle influences from Aston Martin’s design, echoed in the domed hood.

A Dreamy Interior

The interior of the Aegis Coupe is designed to offer a comfortable and immersive driving experience, with a cocoon layout. There aren’t any large screens – Thank you! – and the steering wheel has a unique shape. The instrument cluster follows a retro theme resembling a clock, while the dashboard maintains a minimalist design, without any visible air vents. This interior design is a dream come true for anyone looking for the ultimate sportscar!

The Aegis Coupe is not just a concept car, but also a statement of creativity and passion from a group of talented designers who wanted to express their vision of the future of mobility. The project demonstrates how car design can transcend the boundaries of brands and markets, and how collaboration can lead to innovation and excellence. The Aegis Coupe is a concept car that deserves to be admired and appreciated by car enthusiasts and design lovers alike. Unfortunately, it’s not a car to head into production. One of the designers says this is purely a fun project for non-profit.

[Photos: Behance]