Following in the steps of the recently unveiled mid-engine Corvette C8, a rendering artist has decided to create his own version of a MINI supercar. TheSketchMonkey just published his creation on Youtube walking us through the steps he took to give the futuristic MINI supercar a mid-engine. In the video, the artist points out that the MINI’s iconic design has become less exciting, hence this project.

The Photoshop exercise starts from scratch, with a blank piece of paper, and ending with a proper car sketch that you’d see in a design studio. Kinda similar to what we experienced recently.

To stay true to some of the MINI iconic design cues, TheSketchMonkey gives its MINI supercar the typical roof seen on MINI convertibles, along with the MINI headlights and overall round shape.

Being a mid-engine supercar, this MINI is larger in size, both longitudinally and latitudinally, with wide wheel arches and side shapes that remind us of a proper supercar. The large wheels are a must, so they’re included, as well as a more aggressive front-end.

While the odds of such a MINI supercar are slim to none, it’s still cool to see what can be done if the designers have full creative freedom.