Shooting brake models are rarity today in the automotive world, despite being some of the best looking cars one could buy. When it comes to BMW, we definitely wouldn’t say no to a proper Shooting Brake, especially since we’re drooling over the Ferrari F12s or the GTC4Lusso.

But it’s unlikely that we will see such a model in the current or future BMW lineup. In the end, it’s an SUV world and Shooting Brakes have always been a niche.

Now, with the BMW M8 Gran Coupe out in the market, a rendering artist decided to draw a BMW M8 Shooting Brake. The result? A fantastic looking automobile which would sit at the top of our shopping list.

The car’s roofline is elongated for additional sleekness and the trunk opening is big enough to accommodate nearly every imaginable car cargo. Naturally, there is plenty of room for the back seat passengers as well.

The shoulder line sits slightly higher than the regular M8 Gran Coupe and features the same wide hips. The wheels are large, filling the wells properly, while the Ametrin Metallic color give the car an exquisite look.

BMW 8 Series gets rendered again as a Shooting Brake

A BMW M8 Shooting Brake would give the Mercedes-AMG CLS 63 AMG version a run for its money but in these troubling times, caution takes precedence.

For now, we’re still happy with the BMW M8 Gran Coupe, a sleek and beautiful four-door coupe which is likely to be the best selling model in the M8 lineup.