Opposite Lock

The Spun Bearing: Reusing NedCar

Automotive News reports that BMW is considering building vehicles at the NedCar facility in Born, Netherlands. The deal would be for third party assembly of BMW Group vehicles. The report indicates that they’re interested in…

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Opposite Lock: The New 1M Takes the Stage

Just the title of today’s Opposite Lock is probably enough to ruffle a few feathers. 1M owners everywhere are clinging to their gearshift in defiance, scowling through the windsheild with a twisted face. But, try…

Opposite Lock: Valencia Orange has 1M Owners Seeing Red

Opposite Lock: The 5 GT Gives Birth

Some time has gone by since the launch of the BMW 5 Gran Turismo. Built upon the 7 series’ platform, the car was modified to look like a 5 and drive like a 7 with…


Opposite Lock: BMW’s M6 – Can we call it a Supercar?

In BMW’s official press release they state that the M6 has “true super-car performance.” Once again, we find ourselves debating the definition of a supercar. For decades we’ve longed for a successor to the M1….

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The Spun Bearing: Fuel, Design, and More On the ATS

Fuel During a discussion of the BMW ActiveHybrid 3 recently, the subject of energy density came up. Batteries have so much lower energy density than gasoline or diesel that even with the efficiency superiority of…