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Stefanie Wurst Is Now The New Boss Of MINI Brand

MINI is doing better than ever after selling just over 300,000 cars in 2021 or 3.3% more than the year before. Demand for plug-in hybrids and EVs is on the rise as electrified models accounted…

Video: MINI “Driving Home for Christmas” video includes fans of brand

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Video: MINI Racing History detailed in MotorTrend documentary

A new documentary made by MotorTrend and released yesterday commemorates sixty years of motorsport glory. This ten-minute documentary captures the raw emotions and innovative spirit that have driven MINI’s competitive “David vs Goliath” spirit since…

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Video: The story of Masa the Monk and his MINI Cooper S

When one talks about the MINI Cooper S, inevitably the go-kart driving experience is referenced. And yet, for some people, a car like this is just right for a meditation session. It’s the case of Masa,…

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MINI Electric embarks on charity tour around the UK

To celebrate the upcoming holidays, MINI UK decided to to some charity work. Therefore, they got a MINI Electric all dressed up for the occasion and sent it off to raise money for three important charities:…