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MINI USA deems July 24 National Day of Motoring

MINI USA decided to make a bold step and declare a national holiday this week. Don’t get too excited, as it probably won’t get you off work but the American branch of the company simply…

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MINI Looking into selling cars at non-BMW dealers

It’s no secret that MINI sales have not been doing great recently. Apart from the surprisingly popular Cooper SE model, which already has 78,000 orders waiting for delivery, the MINI range hasn’t been a top-seller…

MINI Extends Special Offer on Oxford Edition Models for US Military Vets

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MINI celebrates 15 years in the US

It was 15 years ago today that a feisty, little- known car company came ashore in the United States and captured the hearts of Americans from coast-to-coast. Since 2002, MINI USA has sold and delivered…

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Tony Hawk Gets a Marketing Role with Mini USA

MINI USA is proud to announce a partnership with action sports star, Tony Hawk.  Unable to contain the excitement on both ends of the table – or ramp – Tony and the MINI team pulled…