manual transmission

The workings of a manual gearbox

The perfectly-calibrated BMW manual transmission is particularly popular with sporty drivers due to its precise handling. Here is a guide on manual transmission

bmw m3 dct 750x500

Modern Cars Need Modern Transmissions

This morning started out like usual for me, getting a cup of coffee and popping on the computer to see what new and exciting things were happening in the automotive world. During my many stops…

bmw manual transmission 750x500

BMWs that don’t have manuals, but should

As we all know, the manual transmission is on its way out. Even the most sporting of car makers are ridding themselves of the manual trans in most models. Even BMW and its famed M…

BMW, please keep the manuals!

Poll: Manual vs. 7-Speed DCT in your new BMW M5

Let’s assume for a second that all of us will buy the next generation BMW M5, money is no object and the toughest choice is to select the right options. One of the first choices…