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Video: BMW iX M60 Does a Launch Control Start

The BMW iX M60 was finally revealed today and it comes with more power than any other electric car BMW has ever put together. It has all sorts of accolades around its name too, from…

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Video: Manual BMW M3 and M4 Launch Control explained

Whenever one thinks of Launch Control, a connection to an automatic gearbox is instantly made. That’s because Launch Control has been traditionally a feature of automatic gearboxes over the years. However, in recent years, we’ve…

0-100 km/h: BMW M8 Competition Coupe in 2.88 seconds

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BMW 4 Series Coupe Launch Control – Video

The new BMW 4 Series Coupe is arriving at U.S. dealerships this month. The first 4 Series model will be offered in the United States, at market launch, with the 428i and 435i configuration. The…