Photo Gallery: BMW Isetta Rendered as Future Electric City Car

BMW Akustischer Fussgaengerschutz i3 i8 Sound Elektroauto 750x500

Is the i3 the new Isetta?

Over sixty years ago, BMW bought a then rights tons tiny little Italian car called the Isetta. It was a massive hit in Europe, selling over 160,000 units. It brought BMW back from the brink…

BMW Classic 750x500

A special visit to BMW Classic

The building where BMW Classic resides lies within a couple of minutes from BMW Welt, in Munich. Apparently nothing betrays the hidden gems within, but the building is quite a goldmine, as it accommodates BMW…

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Editorial: The Lane Motor Museum

The Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee has a Thanksgiving tradition of passing out rides and opening the catacombs (basement). If you’ve never been to the Lane Motor Museum, you won’t know that this is…

BMW Museum gruesst Audi1 750x495

Video: BMW Museum greets Audi

Our sister-blog BimmerToday has recently come across a series of funny videos starring BMW Isetta, a symbol of BMW’s Museum. The videos belong to an extensive marketing campaign initiated by the BMW Museum to celebrate…

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Two Classics: BMW Z8 and Isetta

The BMW Z8 and the old-timer Isetta are two cars that we don’t get to see very often. If the Z8 could be spotted once in a while on the roads, Isetta can only be…