2017 BMW 5 Series Italy 41 750x500

BMW G30 5 Series Wins Red Dot Design Award

When the new BMW G30 5 Series was unveiled, a lot of people compared its design to the 7 Series, but as time went by, many were mesmerized by the unique design cues of the…

BMW designed Vision NEXT 100 from the interior out

BMW 8 Series Design Study images 8 750x500

How would you design your ideal BMW?

Every time a new car is launched, whether it be a BMW or otherwise, both praise and criticism usually follow. BMW has drawn some criticism with its designs lately, most of it for the continuous growth…

bmwblog facelift

Yes, BMWBLOG is getting a FACELIFT

We don’t even know where to start… has been several months of planning, brainstorming, more planning and again brainstorming trying to figure out how to create a new, better, modern and user friendly design. We…