I am sure this is a question that of you might have asked before and looked for an answer. While some designers are more known than others and pushed more in front of the camera lights (Chris Bangle, Adrian Von Hooydonk), there are still many names behind the design of BMW models that you might have not heard of.

So, when I came across these names on GCZ, I knew that I had to share them. And here is the interesting point I was trying to get to, the new BMW Z4 E89 was designed by Juliane  Blasi, a name we will hear more about soon.

  • Joji Nagashima: E90/E91 3 series, E36 3 series, E36/7 Z3, E39 5 series
  • Adrian van Hooydonk: E63/E64 6 series, E65/E66 7 series, Z9 GT Concept, Z9 Convertible Concept, MINI ACV30 Concept … (now Head of Design BMW Automobile)
  • Geoff Velasco: E83 X3
  • Anders Warming: E85 Z4 roadster, GINA Light Concept, Mille Miglia 2006 Coupe Concept … (now Head of Exterior design BMW Automobile)
  • Chris Chapman: E87/E81 1 series hatchback, E53 X5, X-coupe Concept, CS1 Concept … (now Head of Automotive Design @ BMW Group DesignworksUSA)
  • Erik Goplen: E46 3 series
  • Davide Arcangeli: E60/E61 5 series
  • Tomasz Sycha: E86 Z4 Coupe
  • Marc Michael Markefka: E92/E93 3-series coupe & cabrio, E82/E88 1-series coupe & cabrio
  • Pierre Leclercq: E70 X5, X71/E72 X6
  • Karim Antoine Habib: CS Concept, F01/F02 7-series, new 8-series(project “GranTurismo”)
  • Juliane Blasi: E89 Z4 roadster
  • Jacek Froehlich: F10 / F11 5-series
  • Mark Djordjevic: RR Phantom family (Phantom, Drophead Copue, Coupe)
  • Frank Stephenson: R50-R53 MINI Mk1
  • Marcus Syring: R55-R58 (R60?) MINI Mk2
Remember, some of the cars on this list are already canceled, but that doesn’t mean that there was no design chosen, and YES, there were talks of a high-end roadster, Z9, based on the Gina Light Concept.