Few BMWs can match the quirkiness of the Z3 M Coupe, but that’s part of the clown shoe’s charm. I for one find the design to be appealing, although I understand it’s not for everyone. UK-based tuning company Evolve Automotive also has a soft spot for the unconventionally shaped M car. They owned it some 13 years ago and decided to snatch one again last year.

A new video showcases their oddball M as it gets an H&R coilover set to bring the car closer to the road. It already had a combination of H&R and Bilstein coilovers, but Evolve decided to go all H&R for a lowered stance. The new setup is paired with BBS LM wheels measuring 18 inches on both axles and wrapped in Michelin tires.

The Pilot Sport 4 rubber measures 265/35 ZR18 at the back and 225/35 ZR18 for the front alloys. Evolve mentions aftermarket companies haven’t given that much attention to the Z3 M Coupe in terms of suspension tweaks. Consequently, there aren’t many options to choose from if you own one of the 6,791 cars built by BMW.

The Z3 M Coupe Will Receive Additional Upgrades

Among the smallest Ms, at 4,025 mm (158.4 in) long, the fun-size Z3 M Coupe looks great with the new hardware. Evolve’s car is one of the last ones built, with the M3 E46’s S54 rather than the M3 E36’s S50. Their car is quite rare considering BMW only made 1,112 units of the beefier variant.

Following the upgrades, handling has been sharpened up and the suspension is a tad stiffer than before without being uncomfortable. This Z3 M Coupe is still a work-in-progress car since further modifications will follow. One of the changes will be a new steering rack since the current setup requires quite a lot of effort from the driver.

Evolve’s Z3 M Coupe is coming along quite nicely and we’ll be keeping an eye on their petite M car.

[Source: Evolve Automotive / YouTube]