BMW M5 Competition

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SPIED: Possible BMW M5 CS caught at the ‘Ring

So far, we’ve seen the new F90 BMW M5 and the M5 Competition. The latter is a slighter more powerful, slightly more dynamic version of the former and they’re both absolute performance monsters. However, there…

Video: BMW M5 Competition Pitted Against Dodge Demon

The BMW M5 Competition and the Dodge Demon don’t really appeal to the same crowd. They have almost completely different demographics in mind and yet, if one has over $100,000 to spend on a fast…

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BMW M CEO Frank van Meel talks BMW M5 Competition

Alongside the BMW M2 Competition’s launch in Spain, the BMW M5 Competition also made its debut to journalists. Our own Horatiu was in Spain to drive both and has since posted his thoughts on them….

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New videos of the BMW M5 Competition

The first reviews of the BMW M5 Competition are out and with very few exceptions, they have been stellar. The general consensus is that BMW has taken an already great car and gave it a…

New BMW M5 Competition in Ascari – Live Photos

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VIDEO: Watch the BMW M5 Competition hit 62 mph

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of the BMW M5. In fact, it was our highest rated car ever, here at BMWBLOG. I’ve personally never driven something with such brilliant duality; the ability to…

2018 BMW F90 M5 Competition 07 830x553

BMW CCA Car Of Your Dreams Raffle has just begun

Ticket sales for the annual BMW CCA Car Of Your Dreams Raffle have just begun. This year members will have the chance to win the Grand Prize 2019 BMW M5 Competition, First Prize BMW M2…