BMW M140i

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BMW M140i vs Ford Focus RS

Recently, the Ford Focus RS has been going up against the new BMW M2 quite a lot. There are a few good reasons for that, as they’re two of the hottest sports cars on the…

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Video: BMW M140i Exhaust Sound

The 2015 reveal of the BMW 1 Series facelift brought a lot of interest to the entry-level hatchback. The design changes were more significant than ever for a BMW life cycle impulse, transforming the 1 Series hot…

How do the BMW M140i and M240i compare to each other?

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Auto Express drives the BMW M140i

One of the most beloved BMWs across the pond is the BMW 1 Series hatch. Its combination of fun-to-drive dynamics, funky looks and practicality make it a fan-favorite among the BMW faithful. However, it will…

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BMW M140i Hatchback – Real Life Photos

Starting this summer, BMW will replace the top-model of the 1 Series range – the M135i – with an upgraded version – the M140i. When BMW unveiled the new hatchback in May, very few photos…