BMW i4

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Is BMW part of the Tesla Killers?

Tesla wasn’t the first company to launch an electric car. Much like Apple wasn’t the first company to launch a smartphone. However, like the iPhone, Tesla has easily become the most popular brand of electric…

BMW to replace high-performance cars with powerful EVs

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BMW i4: The name of the next i-model

Almost casually, BMW CEO Harald Krüger confirms the name of the next i-model – the BMW i4. Ahead of its press conference today at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, the BMW chief talked about the…

Rumormill: BMW already considering an i4 and i5 models

BMW has recently unveiled the first “i” sub-brand models, the entry-level, mega city car i3, and the super sporty hybrid i8, but the company is on track to deliver more i-badged vehicles within the next…