SPIED: Future BMW i4 enters new experimental phase

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Based on the future generation BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe, the full-electric BMW i4 should be revealed towards the end of next year or in early 2021. Like its future iX3 bigger brother, the i4 will also feature a signature BMW i design applied to the standard car it derives from. Some new spy shots have come out today showing the car in a testing camo.

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The design theme will be fundamentally inspired by the Concept 4 show car premiered at the IAA Frankfurt and the 2017 BMW i Vision Dynamics concept. The striking front fascia with its huge kidneys will be the attention center point of the i4.

Like in the i Vision Dynamics, the impressive kidney grille will be connected in the middle and will be covered (compared to the ICE 4 Series Gran Coupe, which features the conventional grille with slats).

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The heavy cladding on the first test prototypes is now mostly gone, leaving quite many details to be seen with the naked eye. The experimental vehicle scooped recently features a set of production headlights, which given the shape of the filaments, could well be the Laser-based choice.

As well, the two headlights extend towards the kidney grille and are slimmer and streamlined than those on the 3 Series. It remains to be seen if they will be connected to the grille, which looks to be (close to) the final production version on this prototype, but still carefully hidden by the camouflage.

Basically, given how dramatic the new styling language will be, it is obvious that the new imposing grille will be the major surprise, so it’s all about saving the best for last. Continuing towards the back end, the side profile is mostly inspired by the G16 8 Series Gran Coupe, but also develops on the silhouette of the outgoing 3 Series GT, which won’t receive a successor after the current generation.

Thus, the new 4 Series Gran Coupe will act as a double replacement for both the current F36 and F34 model series, while getting substantially more appealing due to the expansion with the i4 version.

The sloping, athletic roofline of the i4 is a key visual of any BMW Gran Coupe variant. The Hoffmeister Kink is shaped in a traditionally evolved style, closely resembling the kink on the recently unveiled 2 Series Gran Coupe. At the rear end, we can recognize the L-shaped streamlined tail lamps which use the Concept 4 rear lights as main inspiration point.

The new BMW i4 will be underpinned by the CLAR architecture which is to be specially re-engineered to accommodate electric powertrains as well. Several i4 versions are expected, featuring either rear-wheel drive or an electric all-wheel drive configuration. As well, several power variants are possible, with the high-end versions rumored to offer an impressive autonomy of over 373 miles (exceeding 600 kilometers).

8 responses to “SPIED: Future BMW i4 enters new experimental phase”

  1. Jupiter says:

    It looks like a slightly bigger version of that hideous 2 series gran coupe

  2. Brian says:

    So only the front, GC form and integrated doorhandles will get over from the concept, while the rest of the car (headlights, taillights and window shape) will be based on the ICE 4 GC. Was really hoping for the bat window shape from the concept to make it into production.
    But that is not a deal breaker as long they can deliver the promised 500km range and the car looks stunning (like a mini 8).

  3. DM says:

    If you look closely at the side profile, the nose (kidney grille?) is slightly more protruded outward. Above where the typical license plate bracket would be is a faint hint of traditional kidney grilles. Does this mean that the i4 has been spared from the lurid monster-nostrils of the Concept 4? The camouflage openings also suggest this, or is this another attempt at giving fans a false hope?

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