BMW eDrive

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Video: How to activate automatic eDrive Zones in your BMW

BMW introduced the ‘eDrive Zones‘ earlier this year. These are geo-mapped areas of big cities, where BMW’s plug-in hybrid models will automatically shift to EV mode, whenever you’re driving inside these charted out areas. Through…

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BMW launches first eDrive Zones in the UK

The first eDrive Zones will be established in cities of London and Birmingham. Thus, BMW Group is the first automotive conglomerate to launch the GPS geo-fencing technology in designated areas across the United Kingdom. The…

BMW i officially teases the new iX3, premieres soon

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Video: BMW i8 Hybrid Powertrain Explained in Detail

Despite being nearly three years old now, the BMW i8 continues to fascinate us with its design and technology. The hybrid sports car is an instant head-turner wherever it goes and its unmistakable looks have…

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BMW’s 700 hp eDrive prototype can be a Tesla killer

It seems as if BMW has a group of mad scientists posing as engineers working deep within the bowels of the Bavarian brand’s factories. These mad scientists have been working on a special vehicle, which…